Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ten Days

Ten days until I leave for Kalamazoo and the workshop. I must make a list.
1. Wash out and pack dyed fabrics
 2. Figure out what I am teaching, and maybe WRITE it out. O geesh, this is like remembering algebra. Luckily I have pictures in the blog to remind me.
3. Collect sample quilts.
4. Sew rod pockets on several of them, and add lables. So last minute of me. Why can't I do this when the quilt is finished?
5. Gather dye class supplies, and get styrofoam platters cut to size.

7. Learn how to use Dave's GPS thingy.
8. Figure out my knitting project for the trip.
9. Pack clothes and repack clothes. Which shoes will I need? Good thing I am driving.
10. Find book to listen to in car.
11. Where are my sunglasses?
12. Create all new slide lecture. YIPES!!!

I'm leaving on the 28th, and then I'll be singing "On the road again...."


  1. that is a big list! wish I was going to your class.

  2. I so wish I was going to be in your class. Those fabrics are gorgeous. Please take photos of the quilts you are taking! I doubt you'll come home with many! I don't know if you've read or would like the Stephanie Plum series but those books seem like good ones to listen to in the car. They're "light" so you wouldn't have to concentrate too much and they're funny. I find that I get sort of caught up in the landscape or the idiot in front of me or whatever and miss a lot of the "heavier" books when I'm driving.

  3. wish I could be in Kalamazoo to greet you!

  4. I'm heading there, as well, to take a fabric dyeing class with Carol... should be a fun time for all of us. :D

  5. What is it that sends us into list mode? I have yet to figure that out. We know perfectly well what needs done and even in what order - but something inside us makes us put it in a list.

    Hugs - Marie

  6. Well, it appears that you've got it under control. This trip will be a breeze for you. Look at what you've done already!

  7. I also will be in Kalamazoo taking a different class, but am looking forward to meeting you and seeing all that gorgeous fabric and quilts.

  8. I wish I lived closer to Michigan! I hope your class goes well and that you remember to bring everything!

  9. Anonymous1:48 AM

    So it's out of retirement then? I knew it, have known it all along. You were never really fulfilled, and have been distracting yourself ever since.
    Hope all goes well for you, take it easy on the roads.


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