Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Mock-ups

  Before I use my 'good' fabric I like to make up a pattern in just any old thing to see how it fits and whether I like it enough to do it for real. While this shirt is OK and fits fine, I am not bowled over and will have to decide if I want to make it again in the good stuff. I will wear this, so it isn't a total waste, and this fabric is YEARS old.
The pattern is the jacket from pjs pattern, so it has that dentist office look, doncha think?

 But this is the one that I had high hopes for, and it really isn't working. I followed the pattern directions and wonder "What were they thinking?"
 The pattern said to slash the armpit and turn the edges under and topstitch.  But that leaves the seam rough and wrinkled. Not good. I would have thought that a gentle curve under the armpit would have worked much better.  I just don't get the point of keeping the arm seam open.
Even IF I had serged the seams with matching thread it still wouldn't look good  or curve properly.  I am glad I did this mock-up so I could rethink the design. I do like the collar a lot, and it looks flattering on the body even in this cotton sheeting from the early '90's.

 I believe I can rescue this top by re-fashioning the bad sleeve. Cut it here and hem it. If it lies nice and doesn't gap too much I will finish it. If not, no biggie. The buttons are a good match and who knows how long they have been in my stash?


  1. i agree, that's a strange way to cut the arm hole. it would never lay nice. if it were me i think i would angle the cut from the top of the sleeve to the armhole. so you still have the look just not that weird flap. basically cutting off the flap. love the fabric, i assume it is something you dyed.

  2. Anonymous7:11 PM

    You are right. The first one looks like scrub for a kid's ward.

  3. Melody,
    You're right the first one looks a little medical, but I think it's more the fabric than anything. The second one is an attempt (by McCalls or whoever) to make a blouse with a sleeve without actually putting a sleeve in. I like a simple camp shirt for summer. It's just a regular short sleeve blouse with a collar. I have one I made out of a batik and I never fail to get compliments. Anyway, that's my two cents.


  4. And that's why I really don't love sewing clothes! I only do the simplest patterns I can find when I do make clothing, including designs with no buttons, no zippers, and definitely no fitting required! And when I find a pattern I like, I make it over and over... I leave high fashion to those who have that kind of brain... not for me!

  5. I would be tempted to pull a sleeve from another pattern, make sleeves from that, cut the current (blue) shirt to accommodate the new sleeves, and sort of fudge it in. It's really pretty fabric and should definitely be seen in public.

  6. Sorry...don't care for either one of these :( This is why I gave up sewing my own clothes years ago.

  7. This fabric is great Melody. You are a sewing wizard.


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