Thursday, August 19, 2010

Update : The Fix is in

Like a dog with a bone I couldn't stop until I conquered this garment. I tried putting on sleeves, but as I have a double protuberance in the front, (Ba-ZOOMS) the armholes pulled the sleeves into a mess of pleats.
Not attractive.

 Then I decided to remove all the sleeve fabric and cut into the shoulders to make this thing into a vest.
Well. Much Better.

 It fits withouth gaping and will be kinda nice with a long sleeve tee underneath.

I have fabulous abalone buttons which I may use...or not. I will accent the slanting overlap, following the lead of the collar.
 Pretty buttons can make all the difference.

And now onto making something I will probably wear more often.


  1. You did wonders to salvage this garment. I would love this one in my closest.

  2. The new, sleeveless look is perfect!

  3. Beautiful vest. Love the design.

    Kristin F. in SC

  4. You are a hoot!

  5. Much better...but I still think both of these fabrics would look better in one of your quilts :)

  6. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I Love the collar, off-centered-ness of this!

  7. Your blog is such a treat to read! I look forward to it with amazement and a smile everyday. I love your writing style, your creativity, and your energy.
    Thank you for all the sharing!

  8. Beautiful lines, fabric and button too.

  9. I LOVE it! Good for you! You'll be able to wear this with so many things!!

  10. Hey Mel~Tres chic! What a creative (no surprise!) solution to this pattern! This vest would also look great in one of your dyed silks, with some soft knit black pants, no? Comfy like pjs, only you can wear them out! :)

  11. You worked out beautifully. The abalone buttons go well with the fabric.

  12. I think it actually works better as a vest. Very pretty, and I love the button!


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