Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Sewing Expandomatics

 I love my readers!! Susan (blogless) wrote me this email:
Melody, I know you love to do it yourself but all I could think of while reading this one is "You can buy the pants at Kmart for about $6". They have a drawstring but that's the only difference. Same fabric, same style. Lots of colors. And since I was going to be right by a Kmart on my way to Knitting Guild, I left early to see if she was right.
Am I glad I did, YAY SUSAN!!! So these pants were $8 and not the same fabric, but who cares? They fit perfectly, even lengthwise as they were petites. I love that part, since nothing but my intellect is petite.

And look at how perfectly they go with my soon to be shirt  fabrics. As if that wasn't enough. I also found two tanks to wear under open blouses. Shelf bra included, but of course I need more battlements than they provide. On sale $4. I must tell you everything, mustn't I?
Who would think I already have so much to wear with turquoise or lime pants? I may be closer to getting my wardrobe finished than I thought.
But as mentioned in the previous post, I was off to Hobby Lobby for their 99 cent McCall's pattern sale.
I think this jacket has so much potential.
I might even add sleeves. Think: great closures, interesting pockets, pieced fabrics...appliques? Woowoo!

These two are pretty straight forward. The pjs are not what I got that pattern for. I love the little jacket style. V-neck over a tee, is so my uniform. Click to see there are even slippers in that pattern. And the shirt pattern is classic and a must have in summer and winter weight. As if we have winter...

 I saved this shirtdress from Country Living magazine earlier this summer and the pattern on the left is just IT! And then the pattern on the right is another classic, princess line and short to dress lengths. Like a blank canvas, they are all a girl needs to start getting creative.


  1. Looks as though your wardrobe is filling out.
    Those pants are just the thing - no sewing time ! !
    Congrats, Melody. Also, thanks to Susan for the heads-up.

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Thanks for the pattern review - from one another woman with hips - love the princess lines.


  3. wow, i haven't looked at patterns for clothes in ages. i like your choice mccalls m5941, some really good potenial, interesting collar. also the tunic length plaid seems to be popular this year i'm seeing them in the stores. be sure and model them when you are finished. we'll be anxious to see how you put your fabrics together. go girl.

  4. So, "going to town" was the answer! I knew there were some benefits to "livin in town." Watching the good life on your blog was making me start to wonder.

  5. That was so nice of Susan. I may have to take a trip to Kmart to check it out too!

  6. You are a very funny lady! I hope you'll have more teaching engagements so you'll get some mileage from all of those new clothes you're buying/making!

  7. "Battlements"?!!!!!! ROFL!

  8. If you plan to wear these to Fabrications you will win best dressed teacher hands down. Love the pants, may have to go to KMART myself and check them out.

  9. Great minds. . .I zoomed in on that Country Living dress myself and tried to order it on line right away, but they were all sold out. I haven't bothered to make clothing in years, but I might just look for that pattern you found! Thanks yet again, Melody!

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