Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lemon-Lime Kerchief

Just what I needed. An instant gratification project. We mustn't count how many shawls, scarves or kerchiefs I have stuffed in my drawer. Not one of them had these colors. I can't imagine trying to find a yellow/green scarf ANYWHERE, which is what works with this shirt.

I used leftover sock yarns, some of them doubled for texture and one or two dk weight to balance out the color and to keep it from being too matchy-matchy, like that is a bad thing. For this version of the Mitered Kerchief I crochet-cast-on 99 stitches for the mitered square (the back part) which made this scarf wider and longer than the original which IMHO is much better. (size 4 circular needles, and blocked BIG). Then this morning as I was shooting the results, I was not pleased with the clunky half knot tie and decided to make this donut ring.
Cast on 26 stitches, join and knit for about an inch and a half. Bind off.
Isn't it cute?  A scarf scrunchy!

I just had to share. This is a huge slice of Brandywine tomato on toast spread with whipped cream cheese. I added a couple of dashes of garlic powder and some Kosher salt. The basil leaf (huge, no?) is Genovese.  Heavenly Tomato Sandwich.


  1. I love a shawl like this. It is amazing how warm they keep you and how many compliments you receive when wearing one.

  2. lol - I am not surprised that finding a scarf to go with your shirt would be difficult. I love the result! Looks fab :-)

  3. Melody! What a great way to wake up. I LOVE the colors and the scrunchy is perfect. My first thought was "Jeez, she has so much fun"!

  4. You could be a food photographer! I don't even like tomatoes, but that looked really appealing.

  5. Oh man, Mel, I could dive head first into that tomato!

  6. Well, Melody, you've done it again.
    Color, color, color ! ! ! !

    So it IS ok to have several of these kerchiefs ? ? ? Just want to check coz I am beginning a collection myself.


  7. I'll have to try that sandwich. The fabulous heirloom tomatoes are finally here in good supply; I could eat them 3 times a day!

  8. It all looks so delicious!


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