Monday, August 23, 2010

Frog, Fish and Flowers

Life is going on swimmingly in the old pond. This looks like a perfect floral arrangement, doesn't it?
The water level is low so the lily pads are more upright than usual. But, our recent rains have made the inhabitants much happier and the cooler water has brought our pond fish to the surface where I get to see how much they have grown as I toss out their food pellets. Soooooo many little goldfish babies!! If they all survive this winter, we are going to need a bigger pond.

Sunday was clean-out the mini fishpond day and while I refilled their water I was able to get some lovely close-ups. I shot 84 photos, and am holding back on showing you all of them, like a proud grandma. Our 'white' goldfish are more yellow, supposedly due to the fancy fish flakes I feed them. The Blue guy there is one of our four calico colored Shinbunkins, my $2 goldfish. They are getting a little big for their tub and may have to be transferred to the big pond this fall. That will be a comedy scene I am sure.

This is the second year for the Sweet Autumn Clematis, and the summer was perfect to develop all these flowerettes. Here's my plan: Since I know from experience at my old house,  these flowers will turn to seed, effortlessly, I will distribute them where we need more climbers and in a few years late August will become Clematis City.


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Frog may eat more fish babies, or at least the eggs..... I did not know that gold fish got BIG.... only had them in a bowl as a kid. The water lily pic w frog is wonderful. Looks like summer but with out looking like it has been 100+ for three weeks.....

    Now tell me where you need more climbers? I have to work hard to find/buy and place structures for climbers.....

  2. You are going to have to tell me more about populating the clematis. I have people stopping by all the time to take clippings off mine and it doesn't work.

    Your clematis is in bloom already?

  3. it all looks so beautiful!

  4. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Your photos are awesome! Would you mind if I use the first one (with a frog) as my desktop wallpaper?

  5. great shot of the frog on the lily pad.

  6. Do I see a trellis painted in rainbow colors? I'm loving it. Also, does that clematis need full sun?

  7. Beautiful shots, especially the frog portrait! I do so love your garden pix! And of course the fish shots... they seem to be thriving!

  8. That pic of the lilypond makes me think it would be a great quilt. Just sayin...

  9. it all looks so beautiful!


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