Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Editing Myself

For the last two days I have been dinkin' around in Power Point putting together a slide presentation for the Fabrications Retreat next week. The trick is deciding which pictures to keep and which to discard. I gathered just the blog photos to illustrate all that has happened since I retired, and as you know there is a whopping amount of stuff to wade through. I collected about 400 pictures and even if I talk as fast as I can, that puts the time at well over two hours.
In a dark warm room no one can stay awake that long.
So I removed all the painting pictures, and all the knitting pictures, since this is a quilting group. Included none of the food (all those bread pictures!!) and very little garden, no construction of studio, or cute animal stuff, and then reviewed again what was left.

I was surprised at how many sky or weather related images remain. These are so telling of what it is like here. I know these have to go, but just seeing them again makes me realize that it won't be summer forever.

For the first time in months we had the windows and doors open all night as we slept. It was only 60 degrees when I awoke, and that signals Autumn's approach. It has been a long hot summer, compared to last year, which was so mild. I kept myself indoors most of the time and the garden really shows my neglect. No pictures of that mess. I am too ashamed.

Having this blog is so helpful in keeping memories, and to see what and how things have changed, improved or have been destroyed, in a good way. And it was thrilling to see how my artwork has evolved and how much of it has been created just in the three years we have been here.
Readers sometimes comment that it must take so much effort to keep up the blog, but truly, if I didn't have it, I would be lost. My habit is to be here, take notice and report. And I am glad to have you witness it all.


  1. Just wanted to let you know I'm toasting your words about blogging and memory! of course with coffee at this time of day ;)

  2. Lovely photos. Yes, it has been an extremely hot summer.Looking forward to your presentation at the retreat. Not to worry, though, if you did speak for 2 hours, most of us would probably be there until the end.

  3. Those photos are great...I woke up this morning quite crabby!! As I was getting ready for my first client, I logged on to my Gmail and saw those photos of yours...they changed my mood. Thank you:) Actually, I might view them again later. Not only are they beautiful, but they are full of message.

  4. Your pictures remind me what it was like to live in a "Four Season" area. I do so miss the changes brought by each season.

    I'm living in Florida again and everything is green and one season blends into the next and the next.

    I miss the anticipation and excitement and beauty as the season rolls in. I miss seeing Mother Nature and all Her Glory displaying one master piece after another.

  5. I love your Photos! Specially the first one.
    Bye Doris

  6. Sharon10:17 AM

    Thank you Melody for blogging regularly...without it I would be lost! It's my habit to vist your blog daily and find I miss it when you take a day off.

  7. Lovely photos!

    I can smell fall in the morning air, so it won't belong before summer's heat is behind us.

  8. I wish I had started blogging long ago. It really is fun to go back and see what was happening in my life. Have fun at Fabrications. Say Hi to all my friends who will be there.

  9. I love those photos of the change of seasons! Can't you do something clever in your slide presentation and just have those whiz by and say something brief about the fact that you do enjoy the seasons in your new home and are quite glad to be out of the really cold Midwest winter temps?

    I too check in on your blog daily - so keep up the good work!

  10. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Your photos are so lovely I cannot even choose my fav among them! :)

  11. Melody -- But food photos are important! They're part of who you are!

  12. Thanks for every photo and every word. You're part of my every day.


  13. Melody. I am looking forward to your talk even if it isn't all quilting. I am certain I won't fall asleep. I've been reading your blog for several years now and always enjoy it, even when you knit and paint and cook, etc.

  14. Anonymous6:33 PM

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  15. Jerilynn Lijewski9:16 PM

    Hi, Melody! A friend told me about your blog and said it would be "right up my alley!" So right she was! I find myself visiting your blog almost every day. I am amazed at what you can accomplish! I try to create something everyday, but sometimes the "creations" aren't always so fun. Anyway, I just want you to know that I am a very big fan, and you make me smile. Thank you. Jerilynn

  16. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Aw so sweet and wistful, poetic text I would say, not to mention the lovely pictures to go with it. You do a great job and don't you forget it! There are folks out there who rarely get a chance to chat with anyone and have a cuppa now and then. You come along and make some lives worth getting up each day. You are something else, my friend and I am not enumerating for fear you will fly away. Enjoy creating your presentation as I know how much you listeners will enjoy it. Until we read again when you get back. Thanks from all of us.

  17. Anonymous2:39 AM

    ANd we are glad you share it with us!

  18. I have followed your blog for years M... Why do I like it - like the seasons it constantly changes -it is always fresh, colourful interesting and well it is just good!!! And I wish I could transport myself over there and visit with you...

  19. Weather is the main topic of conversation in my neck of the woods - coastal Maine. Hurricanes, Nor'easters, assorted gales, frosts, and the inevitable snow squalls and blizzards. I think we pay attention because deep down in our atavistic cells we know its vital to our survival.
    I'm glad to witness your day!

  20. I thought I was the only one that dinked?!?!?!?!

  21. If my kids weren't coming next week, I would drive the 50 miles over to Kazoo and wait for a glimpse of you at the stage door in all your new finery. You have no idea who I am, but you feel like a best friend after all these years of following your daily musings. I have been "talking" to you in my head as I discover one vole hole after another in the garden. Only Melody would understand my outrage!


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