Thursday, August 26, 2010

Because I don't have enough gray hair. . .

Dave brought this home yesterday. O my. I am trying to be optimistic, but I am afraid all the optimism has been cornered by Dave. We have both had a long history of motorcycles,, but I have 'outgrown' my involvement, so this is strictly his. I'll be the one at home wringing my hands each time he takes a spin.

There is a great deal of good news about the rest of the family. My darling sister Brooke and DH Terry and DD Glory are moving closer to me this weekend. Soddy Daisy TN to be exact. Their church has come through in a big way. First, Terry who has been unemployed for over a year is now working, and Brooke is too, and Glory was accepted into the magnet high school for Performing Arts (it runs in the family, doncha know)as a musical theater major. Second their church has provided a house for them on Possum Creek. Three bedrooms and two baths, and a deck under a canopy of trees. So that ends my worrying stint on their behalf. God's perfect timing.


 The check list for my trip is getting crossed off and I feel ahead, a bit, until I began thinking about what knitting to bring. Hmm. I have a good project started (from leftover yarns) and the new yarn I ordered to complete the piece turned out to be too dull for my needs. Perhaps I could quickly dye up some exciting colors to fill in the gaps. My 'yarn closet' has a big Rubbermaid bin full of yarns ready to dye, so I fished out two skeins of Sheila's Sock yarn and one Jeannie Superwash which has a looser twist but is still fingering weight.
Dull greens..not enough zing.
I mixed up some screaming yellow-greens and turquoise, and some lovely aqua and dyed them in the large  Gladware containers.
Acid dyeing never ceases to amaze me. After two minutes in the microwave all the dye was infused into the yarn and the remaining water/vinegar was clear.


  1. I love this post!!

    And that yarn is lusious.

  2. Such wonderful news about Brooke and her family! Possum Creek looks lovely. What a bucolic existence! My kids went to CSAS many years ago, and my daughter taught at the Arts school for a couple years. Congratulations to your niece! All very good stuff. Do you mind sharing which church in Soddy Daisy?

  3. I had to laugh when I read about you getting ready for your trip and thinking about what project you are going to take. I am the same way, the project is almost as important as which clothes to take.

  4. Possum Creek? Soddy Daisy? LOL! I love the names!!!

  5. I looked and I looked at the first photo of Dave's new bike and could not for the life of me see how you could ride along with him. . . . . . . . . . :^)
    glad you explained your stand on the bike thing.

    You have to admit it is a good looking bike. But what about the turn in the weather - - isn't it going to be a bit chilly for bike riding????

    L O V E the yarn.

    Since I've only Kool-Aide dyed
    I'm ready for the big girls dye.
    What do you recommend for MW dying?


  6. Anonymous12:19 PM

    How great that Dave is feeling well enough to be a biker again>

  7. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Hi Melody,

    My sympathy about Dave and the bike, it is terrifying because we love these husbands so much, but he is a big boy! Have a great time on your travels, and remember, he probably worries about you just as much.
    Your former student and constant fan,
    Anne O'Malley-Moore

  8. Hi Melody,
    I remember when "my"Dave decided his life would not be complete without a motorcycle. I knew that there was nothing I could do to discourage him so...I decided to join him. We have been through several generations of motorcycles staring with an old Gold Wing, graduating at a Honda Valkyrie and then adding one of the new style Gold Wings. We took some very fun trips on the Gold Wings. If you are riding 2 up you just can't beat a Gold Wing for comfort. Most amazing trip we took was through the Canadian Rockies, from Jasper to Baniff. Very up close and personal way to see such magnificent mountains. So, I do share your concern but it's true, his is a big boy but now when ever Dave goes for a ride and tell him to remember to keep the rubber side down!

    I love your yarn and the afghan is screaming bonkers. Wow. I've picked up my needles again and attempting to knit socks with the Magic Loop method. It's pretty cool. Enjoy your vacation.

  9. Hi Melody, that's an awesome bike! Think of how much fun he will have on it...

    Love the yarn, I'm ready to try that too now that I've done fabric! Any thoughts of sharing your method (Lazy Dyer, Yarn Edition?)??

  10. Ooh SUPER CONGRATS for Brooke and family - all that is AWESOME!!!!! YAY!

    MOtorcycle...ugh...good luck with the worrying!

  11. Great that Dave is feelin' frisky enough to get out on the open road on a big bike, wonderful that Brooke and family have landed in a heavenly spot, and you as always are the queen of "to dye for". I bow down before your excellencey....

  12. I'm with you about the motorcycle. I had one for a short time when I was young. Even though I work in an Emergency Room, I thought it was a good idea. I only kept it for a couple of months. The idea of riding it was different than actually being on the road with cars. At least for me. But, first off, I'm glad that Dave is feeling well enough to ride, and I'm glad you live in the country, maybe not so much traffic.
    Also, good news about Brooke and her family. It is great that their church came through for them. That is the way it should be when people need help. I'm glad that she will be close.
    I am also enjoying all of your dyeing adventures! I think grey looks good on you.. shows off your colorful shawls so much better. :)

  13. I have to hide this post from my husband. We had a motorcycle years ago and enjoyed it a lot but now have gone on to vintage t-bird and a Mustang. He mentions a bike from time to time and I just ignore him!

    Your yarns are so luscious it makes me wish I were a knitter. Unfortunately I have never learned to do anything but a scarf!

    Good luck up North!

  14. Wow love the colours in your yarn dyed wool. What is the design for your awesome knitting.......looks amazing.


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