Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Project

It was like eating potato chips. I couldn't get involved in anything else until this bag was finished. Luckily a series of events made this an entirely enjoyable experience::
Recently our dvd player went kaput. We waited a few days but with four Netflix dvds sitting around it was inevitable that we had to replace the old player. Off to our local Wal-mart and home we came with a new blue-ray super-duper dvd player that had internet tv capabilities.
Usually I am the house geekette and can do the installation of stuff like this. But looking at the directions in the owner's manual, I felt inadequate. Dave got the dvd player hooked up, and we watched a movie easily enough but I wanted to have that new fangled internet-tv thing.
Enter my sister's husband Terry. We call him the Geekolator, which the OED says is a real word. It means One who can talk to tech support.
So Terry came over and asked for a cable that he then plugged into the router and the dvd player and in minutes we were looking at all the internet capabilities now at my fingertips. What this means in its final distillation is that I can save instant viewing films in a queue on Netflix and when I turn on the tv they are all there ready for my viewing pleasure. All the other stuff it provides is really unimportant.

 Now I have 16 films in my instant viewing queue and chose the PBS series on Thomas Jefferson and then watched the Woody Allen movie "Whatever Works' which has a character named Melody St. Ann Celestine and that was enough to keep my interest. NOT Melanie, she insisted, Melody.

These are both films that Dave wouldn't be able to stay awake through, but he plays baseball on Sunday, and therefore I was in my element, knitting and watching my kind of movies.
Needles flying, the bag is finished and lined using the leftover pink Kona cotton, and the Innerfuse stiffener, and is ready to use as a sample for my August knitting guild program.


  1. love your bag. looks like the shell pattern that was in the latest issue of spinning magazine. I was playing with that pattern last week just to see how it would turn out.

  2. Lovely colours! //Are instant viewing films ones that transmit via cable? Are you charged for them when you view them or do you preorder them or what? Netflix is just about to launch in Canada so I'm new to this realm....

  3. Fabulous! Love the bag- any chance you can share the pattern?

  4. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Wish I didn't suck at knitting.

  5. What a pretty little bag!

  6. The bag is darling! And congrats on your new fancy dvd player! My hubby bought a box that hooks up to the internet, so we get direct feed from Netflix too... he is in hog heaven!

  7. The bag is beautiful, love the colors. Did you machine sew in the lining?

  8. Lesley,
    I hand stitched the lining in, but the flap is double layers and it was sewn on the machine before I stitched it to the bag.

  9. Sounds like a perfect Sunday, if you also include the potato chips. We loved Whatever Works. Watched it twice before we had to return the dvd.

  10. awesome! Anyone who can knit up stuff like this is a genius....but I already knew that.
    Keep cool if you can.
    I'm walking around in the house in my high heels for the wedding-if I don't break anything critical it will be a miracle plus it's amusing my family since high heels and jammies is sort of humorous

  11. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Darling and so cute!


  12. wowww very nice... thank you

  13. You've made a couple of cool purses while I was away - very nice, both of them. "Innerfuse" looks like a very useful product; thanks for sharing! :-)

  14. again, i find your color choices amazing. i love the vivid colors you use in all your projects.

  15. Boy, you really get a lot done. The bag is lovely and so very colorful. Your new DVD player sounds like just the ticket. Those things can be difficult to figure out.


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