Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Easily Distracted

We finally got the desired rain, and it is a bit cooler this morning. Hurray for that. The weather here has been the "I want my money back" variety. It keeps me in the cool house and once cemented firmly in my knitting chair, I began to wander through the leftover yarns. These are all fingering weight, more or less and I want to use them up. Since I don't actually have enough to make something wearable entirely in these colors, I find I must mix and match. Reds, oranges and yellows will have to be gradually added and who knows then what it will become?
I don't care.
Maybe I will figure it out before it becomes an afghan.
Looking at it all this morning, I think I will carefully bag it up and bring it to knitting tomorrow and get off my lazy butt and do something else today.

Remember this thread that I received in the mail? Well, it turns out that these two boxes are worth about $70 and I haven't even tried them out yet. Shame on me. I do think there could be some fabric playing here today. After I feed the fish.

It took less than ten minutes to switch out the painting studio and return it to the quilting studio. I love this floor, which makes moving stuff so much easier.


  1. Oh I do love what you have done with your yarn.

  2. Always wonderful to see yarn and color back in your hands. Love this posting of color.

  3. Those threads are such lovely colors, and I love the yarns too. X

  4. These yarnboxes are really cute. And the knitting... will this be a piece for a mermaid? Lovely color matching.

  5. ooooo LOVE the wheels..quilt in the background

  6. I love the thead and the pattern you knit.what a delicate work.

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  7. I love your mitered squares and wish my studio could be as clean as yours, it always looks great!

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