Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Patchwork Purse

 I had lots of sewing fun with this one, using cotton patchwork to border a silk panel, machine quilting and a bit of knitting and crochet. First came the patchwork, and I found a coordinating piece of my hand dyed silk shantung. The silk was fused onto batting, and the patchwork was sewn in a flip-and-sew fashion on either side. The lining is another piece of hand dyed fabric, this time cotton. The flap was cut from the quilted rectangle and lined separately. This is the method I used with the knitted bag over the weekend. Hey, it worked, so why not repeat it?

I was stumped with what to do about  the strap. I didn't want to make a fabric strap, and my next thought was to make an I-cord with some non-fuzzy yarn and was lucky to find some bamboo in my stash. So slinky and just the right colors! I also used it for the loop closure, chain stitched crochet. The loop matches the double buttons and I was just giddy with this combination.

The finished size is 7" high and 6.5" wide. The instigating idea was to use the fancy threads that I mentioned in the previous post. This thread is from Rowan and it's Egyptian cotton, 50 wt. and it's no coincidence that I also used a few Kaffe Fassett fabrics in this piece.
 For the machine quilting I switched to a finer needle, a 70/9 so that the needle piercing would match the finer weight of the threads. It quilted beautifully.


  1. Beautiful Bag! How did you make the strap? The colors are fab.

  2. It's I-Cord and watch this video to see how it is made.

  3. This is absolutely stunning... perfect!

  4. That is gorgeous! Your bag collection is getting more stunning all the time!

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I read your blog every day and drool, then I pinch myself and say, wow, you actually are friends with this woman!!! I am honored to know someone so talented. I can't wait to sit at your feet with my quilting. That day is coming soon. Your work of late leaves me speechless, I'm a big fan. Love, love your latest projects.

  6. The bag is stunning - like everything you do!

  7. What a lovely way to end the day.
    Your post is just what I needed.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  8. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Hi! This is my 1st time on your blog and I'm amazed what beautiful, colorful and optimistic-looking things you make no matter if they're knitted, quilted or crocheted! I'm your new reader and follower!

  9. I love this little bag and the gorgeous colors! Did you have a pattern or did it "material-ize" (get it??) as you went along?

  10. Anonymous9:19 AM

    How do you handle your stops and starts in your machine quilting to keep it secure, yet very neat?

  11. Lovely purs, such bright and wonderful colors. Hug Moia

  12. In Europe we know this little knittingmachine, calles ´tricotin mécanique´ which makes life very easy http://www.ilovetricot.fr/73/tricotin-mecanique/M0012.htm
    Love your blog end enjoy your colourchoices every time i visit the blog. Thank you for sharing

  13. Really cute purse!

    Kristin F. in SC

  14. LOVE the bag - great style and colors and quilting! :-)

  15. TOO cute ! love it..

  16. Love this bag! Thanks for sharing this project - the info re: needle sizes is very welcome too!

    Posting your process helps others realize they can try something they may have not thought they could

    thanks again Melody!

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