Thursday, July 29, 2010

Preview of coming attractions

After my knitting group I had the opportunity to shop a bit in town. I went to my fave TJMaxx in search of a pair of new earrings. I got these instead. Small ceramic items that will be used in still life arrangements. For the longest time I have been hoping to find a yellow cup or teapot and still have not had one cross my path. This yellow jug is the perfect substitute and maybe even be cuter. I have one just like it in orange.

 Well, not quite orange, but nearly so. Speaking of orange, the flower pot above is really orange, altho it looks red here. Doncha just love the green polka dotted pitcher? Too kool for school.
The blue mug has a matte finish, which makes it unique to my collection.

Speaking of unique collections...These are bones from deer and cattle that we picked up from the property. Since bones were featured often in Georgia O'Keefe's work, I figured these would be paintable too.

Here's an example. I call this one O'Keefe Homage, 12x12x1" oils on gallery wrapped canvas, $100, email me.


  1. I love bones! Lucky you to have a stash available to you. // Your art makes me very happy. Carry on.

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    You are so prolific! How many creations do you generate a day?

  3. wonderful hommage. That background is a fantastic blue. New Mexico sky blue

  4. Hi Melody: Couldn't resist stopping by. You have a really pretty and very interesting blog. I'm looking forward to stopping by again.


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