Monday, May 10, 2010

Take a Walk with Me
IMG_2434 Stitch This is one of those panorama pictures which attempts to show the full width of my hosta bed. Purely a self indulgent exercise on my part, because it only tells half the story. I wish you could be here in person (or even care a teeny bit about plants) to get the thrill I feel now that some of these specimens are reaching maturity. When I put these in they were much smaller plants,  and since labels often lie about how big things get, I just planted them wherever they landed. Then comes reality as they sprout the following year. The leaves open and everything looks fine for a week or two and then the leaves get bigger and bigger and soon some neighbors feel a bit crowded or are overcome entirely. So I transplant. And transplant again. At the stage we are at now, I need a second hosta bed. Much shorter smaller plants are hidden behind the monsters and will have to find another safe-from-voles home. Not so easy.

The bed adjacent to the hosta bed is the heuchera bed, with lots of other plants wedged in like this knockout rose bush, the only one of the five I planted to survive. There are already about a dozen hosta which I snuck into this area.
The two beds get morning sun and a tiny bit of a blast from the early afternoon light too. Then they get to cool off in shade for the rest of the day. It seems to be just the right prescription.
I just now noticed  the blue water pump in this picture. Dave was having  Fun with the Spray Paint day and while my back was turned he got this pump painted.

And this one too:IMG_2449 and the grand finale…IMG_2447
Can the house be next?

Pssst! Let me know if the text is hidden under the pictures on your screen. I am trying to fix that problem.

Ha! I just saw that the panorama picture above completely left out the purple petunias in the center of the bed.


  1. Yes, I've been having trouble with your text the last couple of posts. This time, the only one that is hard to read is the text below the rose bed picture. The text is smooshed one character per line along the right border. (Like you've chosed to place the picture on the left and that's all the space that was left.) I use IE7 for a browser, with the screen not minimized.

    Your yard is looking GREAT! We've not learned how to grow things here in the Sonoran Desert yet, but I'll trade my 95 degrees and swimming all day to the snow others had yesterday.

  2. Thanks, I think I fixed the problem. I hope.

  3. Gorgeous, as usual! Your heart must go pitty-pat whenever you look around your wonderful domain!

  4. It is really looking beautiful! No problem with text. I view through Chrome

  5. Lovely garden! And no problem reading with Firefox.

  6. Anonymous5:10 PM

    And now screen is also looking good.
    Good thing you showed that final bed. God forbid I wouldn't see those sweet petunias. The perfect touch. Have your little pals been around this.... it must look like lucious salad for them. Those darn voles I mean. The dratted ones...LOL

  7. Oh what lovely surroundings! May I come visit? lol

  8. My son peeked over my shoulder while I was looking at your pictures and said "That's a nice house; I'd love to live there!" And I agreed! We liked your new little pond so much that we made one for ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration, Melody.

  9. I am wondering if you used your dried blood? I bought the same stuff after reading about it here and I honestly believe it is working. Things that went down last year shortly after beginning to come out are still out and growing! I am amazed - he had almost completely ruined my rosemary bush, but he does not seem to be around now. I'm buying some more!

  10. I care a lot about plants, but I don't have even a tenth of your energy, so my garden areas are few and far between. But you're an inspiration, so one of these days, I'm going to churn and burn! Keep those photos coming. :-)

  11. Jerwashburn10:43 PM

    I live through you daily grace of your garden. I look at your pic and feel the cool mountain breeze and joy of being able to play in the dirt and walk out to see such beauty. Thank you for taking time to share your gifted sanctuary with us. Keep the pics coming.

  12. Anonymous8:46 PM


  13. Oh! Those flowers caught my attention. It seems you have a great flower gardens. How I wish I could have a cool garden like yours. Keep it up!


  14. Soo beautiful, I love all your kinds of hostas. I was thinking of them for at my house but haven't got what it takes to start new flower beds/landscaping right now. They really are just another expression of your creativity though, love the improvements!


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