Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dave Gets His Wish

For the longest time Dave has wanted a tall evergreen or two. And now he has finally found them. These six are Emerald Green Arborvitae. They are ringing the pond with the five recently planted redbuds, and the yard is starting to resemble a formal garden.

I am all enthused with the results.

Years ago I was a fan of the now defunct TV show A Gardner’s Diary with Erica Glasener. She would meet with regular people who grew extraordinary gardens and just walk around with them, talking about the plants and landscaping they had created. Usually the gardens were in the South, and my hope was to move somewhere where things would grow lushly like those gardens I saw on her show.  Only I didn’t want to live where it gets humid and hot. So I live where it stays mild and not so sticky. This means that my lush garden requires frequent watering, which I am happy to trade for the humidity of lower elevations.
Each morning I walk around the beds, pots and boxes looking for what is new or has recently sprouted and what needs to be pulled out or transplanted. We have controlled beds and messy overrun with wild things beds and all are works in progress. Local folks comment that the place is starting to shape up and that they see us out there working all the time. Behind our backs they say “those people sure buy a lot of dirt”.

A double red Knockout Rose has begun to bloom. It’s leaves are riddle with worm holes, but it still has a million buds ready to open.
Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. I love your garden, and slurp up the pix you post like water for a desert rat! I especially love your pond and all that live there! You two really have transformed your garden and I know you are enjoying the results... keep posting those pix!

  2. What a great rose! Your garden pictures are inspirational, just like your quilts!

  3. We moved from a house to a condo (half a mile away) a couple of years ago. I went from a large yard to a very tiny yard (and could not be happier) filled with flowers. When I need my gardening fix, I come to your website and sigh.


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