Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And then I thought...what if?

We liked the stones surrounding our front beds so much that we thought that maybe we should do the same thing to the beds we built in back. When we built them two years ago, we just didn't have the foresight or the help we now have and in the meantime the deck and hot tub were our focus and they look so nice that the homemade-ness of our first efforts look kinda lame in comparison. So Let's Make a New Garden.

What we see when we are on the other side of our pond. It's like looking up someone's skirt. I especially don't like the iron stakes that supported the wood frame on the center bed.
 Now those stakes are gone and the wooden frames are all removed and we are ready to add the stones. But of course it rained and things had to wait.
I want you to know I am just the idea man in all this. I haven't lifted a stone. It's the work of manly men like Dave and Mike our helper, who will complete this project.

The beds are about 12" deep so two courses of stone will be seen on the front and the back will have three to make it even. I may have lost a few nasturtiums seedlings along the edge, but as we know from previous years, they overrun everything and the ones I lost won't be noticed. With the new surround these three will become one U-shaped bed. I bought a half dozen more daylilies to fill in the gaps, and of course MORE DIRT. So what's to become of the frames we built initially?
This WAS the blueberry and grapevine garden, which we had Mike pull out since it was always a weedy mess and never produced a reasonable harvest. Down at the far end is the remaining 'orchard' and this year we have a couple more dead fruit trees to pull out, killed by winter heaving, thawing and flooding. But it gets sun down at that end for most of the day and closer to the road the elevation keeps it from being under water. We think this spot is good enough to relocate the frames there for a veggie garden. We need MORE DIRT!


  1. How fun! And the daily walk to the far end to weed will make those veggies taste even better!

  2. Now I am confused... where is this big field?

  3. Wow... Do you garden for others. I could really use a hand. I hate gardening, but love to have a colorful garden. When we had the landscaper put in the front beds, he asked what did we want? I told him, plants that thrive on neglect. I only want to do 2 hours of gardening a year....


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