Wednesday, May 26, 2010


 While still in my pajamas I was out early planting green beans, beets, tomatoes, bush cucumbers, and zucchini. Everyone got a good soaking, including me, and then time was called.
It's all in.
I know I've said that before, but the buzzer has sounded and the fat lady is singing.
La dee dah.
The time has come to sit in the garden and just enjoy the fruits of my labors.
Labor is really not what it should be called. More like compulsion. Yes. The fruits of my compulsion.

Every Spring I feel a rush of enthusiasm to be out in the yard making it into a place with slow entertainment and everyday wonder. Gentle thrills are felt when a flower finally opens in its new spot, like this Siberian Iris which I moved to the muddy pond banks where I knew it would be happier. It rewards my decision with a beautiful bloom.
Twin pink waterlilies, not the least bit worried about forgetting their SPF 45, show me how to soak up the rays. Waterlilies have got to be the easiest plant of all. No weeds, no feeding and plenty of returning color.
The fish love them for the shade and nibbles they provide and of course, the frogs feel proprietary about their lounging pads.
I noticed some familiar ripples in the murky water and tossed out some fish pellets. I was rewarded with shiny gold faces, bobbing to the surface and greedily gulping the food. This year they are not just having one pellet per surfacing, but sliding in three or four at once into their big open mouths. Babies are growing into teenagers and changing from black to patchy orange, and are more greedy and energetic to get their share of the  food.

I placed my chair down next to the clear water of the  mini pond. When the sun comes out the fish hide, and when a cloud passes, they reappear. The remaining 13 goldies seem to be thriving and we are all happy about that.

Equipped with my mp3 player, my knitting, a big iced drink and a warm breeze, I made the decision to do nothing but sit and bask.


Meanwhile the Scarlet Runner Bean is doing its Jack and the Beanstalk imitation. I installed a pole above with strings hanging down to the plants in hopes they would find the necessary support to climb. It's happened. The seed packet said these beans would be tasty...but will they? Have you eaten Scarlet Runner Beans?

Flowers aren't the only source for color. Limey green is becoming my favorite hue, with yellow and purple close behind.


  1. What a great post! I felt like I was really the beginning of a great book with pictures! How cool!

  2. Your writing is delightful! Such a charming garden. Can't wait to see the beans progress and how they taste!

  3. That is a good reminder to drop some twine from the branches of the dead lilac for the snow peas - another of summer's delicious climbers!

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    scarlet runners are just as tasty as bush beans, get them while young and tender, don't leave for too long to fat and tough stage. Prolific producers - constantly picking at my house.

  5. You have so marvellous pictures - again! It's always a pleasure to open your posts :)

  6. Duh! I'll bet that's where the Scarlet Runner String Band got their name!

  7. Hi,
    Just wanted to comment on your post and your garden, the water lilies are so beautiful. I am enjoying your blog ~ there is so much to look at ... your paintings and you quilts. Great job
    Barbara in Canada

  8. What beautiful blues, purples, and greens. I just love the combo in your gardens. Thanks for sharing!

  9. so peaceful... the lilies are beautiful!

  10. Love the iris shot, it has ALL of your favorite colors! I share your passion for lime green. Where is the photo of you, planting in your pj's?

  11. The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt.


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