Friday, May 28, 2010

Perfecting Laziness

I am learning how to relax from the champion relaxer Popeye. That light colored blob on his back is a butterfly, who is mistaking the Pops for a fluffy orange flower.
There is a bit of a hang up in my thinking when it comes to doing nothing. I feel guilty. And a bit of that guilt has to do with being called lazy once when I was a kid. Thanks Mom.
 "Lazy? Really? Well I'll prove I am not lazy"... and now years later I find it difficult not to be INVOLVED and BUSY. Arghh.
So I tried doing nothing all day yesterday. I took two naps. I kid you not. Two. In between I watered, even tho we had just had rain, things looked wilty. And then I chose a book from my mystery collection and set up the footstool in front of my chair on the porch in the breezy shade and read for hours. It was wonderful. I could make a day of this, I thought, but then at the end of the day I had NOTHING to show for myself. Arghh again.
So I am starting again today.
But first I must do a bit of organizing, wash the dishes, and run to town to drop off some things at Goodwill, buy some stamps and remember to get the ink for my printer. Then I can be lazy for the rest of the day.


  1. Listen up here little sis!
    You are NOT being lazy.
    While you are sitting and relaxing and reading you brain is working hard and planning and observing and getting you ready for your next activity.
    So I don't want to ever hear you say that again.
    From now on LAZY will be a bad, naughty word and if you think or say it go wash your mouth out with soap.
    Big Sis

  2. Peg Howard8:08 AM

    I was thinking the same thing as Kay-
    Use the term restful day- the body is resting- but the mind is far from still and lazy...Lazy is a term that involve the mind and body doing nothing...thinking about nothing...with no thought of anything on the horizon..You MY dear couldnt be LAZY if you tried... Read, rest, and renew...then tell me tomorrow if you did nothing at all with your body or mind- Moms have a way of getting in your head and staying there...mine made me think I would just never be good measure up at anything...go figure
    Take back your own standards of practice, and measure as needed :)
    You amaze and astound others with all you do!!! there is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of your labors.
    Take two lemonades and call me in the morning if this feeling doesnt pass

  3. Remember "the hazy, lazy days of summer?" Or is daze? Some days are meant to be that way. They call for you to slow down and recognize each tick of the clock, each flit of the butterfly, each flight of the bee. Nature is a wonder to behold and appreciate and it requires stillness to observe.

    Now if you want to organize your time wisely, order your ink cartridges online.

  4. Rest is good for the soul. I struggle with resting too.

  5. Cats are very good teachers... I love to watch mine sleeping, and wish I could be so lazy! But I share your struggle... it is very hard for me to even just curl up with a good book. I was able to do it as a teenager, but I somehow lost the knack. Been wanting to try it again, as soon as I finish my 'to-do' list! Sadly, that never happens...

  6. I agree and concur with all that has been said. Actually you are working harder at making yourself rest than if you were just 'mindlessly' busy.

    You will be your most creative after a day or so at peace and rested. After all that's why weekends, and vacations were invented.

    Hugs - Marie

  7. I think it's a "woman" thing. We're genetically programmed to be constantly doing something. My DH can go down to his "cave" right after lunch and get in his recliner with his 42" big screen and doze for the rest of the afternoon! If I sit down for 15 minutes I feel "guilty" that I'm not doing something. Good thing we're not all men because nothing would ever get done...LOL But seriously, you need to unwind and be "lazy" every once in a recharges your batteries! My mother was very cruel verbally to me and my Dad so I know how words can stay with you for life, but it's OK to take time for yourself. You don't have to answer to her...or any one else...any more. (((cyber hugs)))

  8. RETIREment - look it up and read the definition.

    You are not lazy - you are RETIRED (at least that's what you told us!)

    Of course, many of the busiest folks I know are RETIRED folks (grin).

  9. As everyone already stated. Rest is difficult to do but it is good for you. You accomplish so much all the time. You are an inspriration. It's o.k. to rest your body and mind. It's all part of the balance. You work hard and now it is time to rest. By the way, I think it is the best rest if you can turn off the mind and stop all the list making etc. Just be in the moment. Tasting the cold drink, smelling the fresh air and seeing the amazing yard. Enjoy!

  10. Melody you did do many things yesterday, you rested your weary body,you observed and watered your garden,you watched out for wildlife(even very small butterflies etc.),I'm sure you made meals and drinks and then of course you read a book.For a retired lady that seems alot to do on a lazy summer's day.

  11. I have always had the fear of being called lazy so I know how you feel. I always lived by the 'rest is rust' theory and was always on the move. Now I'm older.....and wiser!! I know that rest is necessary. I took 2 naps one day this week too. And today I have read for over 3 hours, something I rarely allow myself.

  12. Oh, I hear ya! Growing up "lazy" was a really bad thing to be called, and I don't like the feeling of looking back on a day when I didn't get anything done. We're taught to judge our value by what we produce, seems strange when ya think about it. Blogging doesn't help on that front, must DO SOMETHING in order to blog about it... Balance is important and I've learned that I must listen to my body... but I'm so bad at resting. Resting really can be mentally challenging. Practice, practice!


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