Monday, May 24, 2010

Up to my ears in the garden

The weather is so fine and I seem to find more places to plant things. In my mind I keep thinking I should be getting back to the studio, but it doesn't work out that way. Still in my pajamas I find I need to plant more basil, since the seeds I planted in the back garden are just doing nothing, I resorted to the same spot in the front where the plants flourished the past two years. I will fertilize to make sure these seedlings will have a good start.
Speaking of fertilizing, I am guilty of reproducing watering cans, which correspond to the number of bags and boxes of plant food and Miracle Grow collecting in the potting shed.
My plants are just doing great without the extra food, at least I thought so, until I visited the Signal Hill Nursery where I saw just what a little Miracle Grow can do.
Un. Be. Leafable!
 There is a bit of the competitive gardener within, so today I will mix up some growjuice and see if it makes the big difference.

A pair of darling house wrens have set up a nest in my flower pot in the shade of the jackmanii clematis. Five little eggs nestled in the warmth. Momma Wren is usually there to protect them, but lets me sneak a peek every now and then. I tiptoe on the porch and am gone in a second.

For today's flower, we have the perennial Johnson's Blue Cranesbill, aka hardy geranium. Long and leggy, but florferocious! There are several varieties in the collection, including a little one called Tiny Monster, perhaps tomorrow's flower.

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  1. I love watering cans. Only have one... a green one with my name on it in gold letters (courtesy of a friend). I use it a couple of times a summer because it really is a pain to keep refilling. A hose is so much simpler, but then not as cute.

  2. I absolutely love love love the gnome! I have a few and need to get a few more...never would have thought to hide it like that, but I love it!

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Do you remember the I Love Lucy Show where she is showing Ethyl her "veta-vita-veggie-juice"? My neighbor years ago, an avid gardener like you, use to water her plants and tell me that she had Lucy's veta-vita-veggie-juice in her can!! She was so funny. Your feeding the plants made me think of her, what fond memories you evoke.

  4. Nice blog. Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog.

  5. What a cute little nest! How exciting! I didn't know birds made nests so close to the ground.

  6. Great photographs!
    In my garden, the hardy geranium is a favorite of my deer. I seldom see a flower!

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