Friday, April 02, 2010

Hoping for a Return Engagement

The blue flowers are Blue Bedder Salvia with white Impatiens and orange-y red Nasturtiums. They are all annuals I planted the first year, that reseeded themselves and proceeded to take over my front garden last summer, almost choking out my costly heuchera collection. There are no signs of them returning yet, but it is early. I liked the abundance of them all and the color, and will allow them free reign, AFTER I have found a better spot for the heuchera.
These are the heuchera in bloom last June. OK you can't see the flowers because they are insignificant, but the leaves are why I love them anyway. No sign of the annuals yet, but then all of a sudden they arrive and voom! they take over!

The heuchera are just barely visible under all those towering white impatiens. And this year I found several had bitten the dust from the competition. I will be super vigilant now...

I am hoping to see these campanula again. I planted them from seed and they are perennials, but one never knows what survives my nemesis.

Daylilies, a plant that has won over my heart here in the shade garden. It turns out they thrive even in the clay soil, in the semi-dark, and over the appetites of critters. It makes me love them, so I brought home a flat of 18 more like this one. It's not too early to put them in the ground...and it will be a hot one today. Early days for this warm weather. I am sure it is just temporary, as last year we had snow again at the end of April. grrrr.


  1. I love daylilies. For some reason, I have found that a lot of people don't care for them. They make such a bold statement where ever they are.

  2. It's snowing here right now. Your photos make me long for spring!

  3. We have day lilies, gorgeous yellow ones. I'm having fun watching the rhododendrons bushes just about to burst forth with their blooms. I'm for the totally low maintenance yard we have, but often long for a cutting flowers garden. Maybe I should just bung some seeds in and see what happens, improvisational gardening style!! Loving all your garden and property pix!

  4. Melody, I'm sure you are 'awarded' out but Judi, you've been nominated for an award once again! You can pick it up at my blog but you don't have to follow all the rules/instructions if you don't want to. Your are my inspiration and I want to be like you in my next life! I'm having too much fun in this one being myself!

  5. Yep, after having no success in the first two years we lived here with my Yankee-based plants, I, too, succumbed to the allure of the daylily. I have them in many, many colors. I highly recommend from near Knoxville.

  6. Carol5:27 PM

    Oh, I just love the day lilies. Where can I get some? Can you buy bulbs?. What is the vine with the white trim around the leaves. I just love it also. Your yard is going to be wonderfully beautiful when you finish.

  7. Oh the colour of that daylily is to die for ( or to dye for). I had to leave my daylilies behind when we moved to a town house. This lovely one is an amazing colour I haven't seen here in Australia. Thank you so much for the photos of your garden Melody.


  8. It is wonderful that you were featured with the beautiful flowers you post. keep on posting.

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