Saturday, April 03, 2010

 Progress Report 
While we have plenty of yellow daffodils, I am enjoying the odd colored ones. Pure white and white with orange trumpets. These were forced bulbs that I bought last year and put into the garden after they were spent. Usually forced bulbs don't re-bloom until established, but these surprised me. Along with those were some four or five hyacinths, which bloomed and promptly became lunch for someone.
The red and white bleeding hearts are budding. They grow so large here on the east side of the house. Gentle morning sun seems to provide the right encouragement.

A new perennial is going to be added, the celandine poppy. My new email friend Carlene recommended it. She says it likes the shade and reseeds itself freely. OK Dokey! I bought just one plant. Mark my words here. I am hoping to have multiples by next year.
 I always promise not to buy any more hosta, but that is a lie of course. Here are two new ones. The Fire and Ice has just sprouted and will have very white centers with dark green edges. I like a lot of white in my shady areas. Pansies to be planted today.
  Several readers suggested that I plant vinca for ground cover. O we have Vinca galore! It is in bloom right now. And here is a vole entrance. I knocked, but got no answer.

 I am starting a big project of flower pot gardens. There are six of the smaller pots, five red and one blue, because they ran out of red. The purple ones were half price at Home Depot. Apparently nobody but me liked the purple color, because there were lots of other colors not reduced by half. The center container is supposed to be for a small water feature and was already here when we moved in. I drilled holes in the bottoms of all  these plastic pots and baskets and filled them with composted manure, peat moss and luscious black potting soil. I will patiently wait until the last frost date before filling these with plants. On the other side of the sun garden is my new collection of ceramic pots from TJMaxx. I found them in late January and couldn't believe my luck. Just what I wanted, and at half the price I expected. I'll put both flowers and herbs in these containers.


  1. I expect your vole was out for lunch!

  2. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Get a big container of ground red pepper and sprinkle it liberally in and around the vole hole. Deters the rabbits too... sprinkling around the hostas.

  3. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Hi Melody, and finally it is time for the garden, I'm looking forward it. Very nice photo's you have here. Wonderful days for you, that you wish Christine from Germany.

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Well! why is it that everyones gardens are so beautiful and mines....a rock pile! LOL I just stumbled upon your blog and love your pictures!!! and the fish are so colorfull an large! I could spend all day in your garden daydreaming,I have lots of catching up to do on your blog so i'm off to read and enjoy
    thanx for such beautiful pictures

  5. Thanks for sharing - I love daffodils and your flower pot garden will be fabulous I'm sure. Keep us updated.

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