Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mosquito Abatement Program

Close-up and personal, our fishies are coming right to the pond's edge to have a nibble. I'd name them but can't tell if they're boys or girls.

The fish are very busy eating at the surface of the water. So it's no wonder we are not bothered by mosquitoes here.
The water is so clear and high after the recent rains, and it is very easy to see the variety of markings on each fish.
While clearing debris from the garden beds, I rake, pull a weed, rest and watch fish. It makes for a lovely day in the sun.
 I wonder if pondies and goldies marry?

Google's new headquarters


  1. Back to your post yesterday about planting English ivy. You may be interested to learn that it is on the invasive plant threat list for Tennessee.

  2. Wouldn't that 1st photo make a lovely quilt.

  3. Beautiful Photos!

  4. If you want to name the fish and you don't know about the male or female part, use names like Chris, Jean, or Sam. There was a skit on Saturday night live that was based on this person, and no one knew if they were male or female. It was a clever use of names!

  5. They sure are beautiful-and so prolific. The water looks lovely and clear. I would sit and watch them for hours. Lucky Duck!

  6. Having followed your goldfish pond over time I am amazed!!!! Remember last year when you were counting them and though some were missing? Well...they certainly have been busy!

    Beautiful colors in these photos and love your header as well. :)

  7. I thought Google's new headquarters were in Topeka!
    I love the markings on the pondie!

  8. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Crimeny sakes the boys have black hair. !!To all my pals in Tennesse you should be sorry you left scandalous Illinois...we had 80+ here today.
    I also love Google's new site especially the walk up window for take out.
    You have certainly changed the look of the Mexican chalet in a huge way...great and grand job by both of you. have a joyous Easter.

  9. I just love your garden photos but the fish are the best. They are almost as colorful as your hand dyed fabrics!! If and when you get back to painting....think about painting your fish.....


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