Friday, March 12, 2010

The Great Finishing and Fixing Finale

This was the light in our bathroom. Not a good fit for our decor, putting it mildly. And it caused more shadows than it lit up the area.
Does a bathroom need mood lighting? No. And it also hung low, which we hated. So I got this inconspicuous new fixture and yesterday became 'change out the old and put in the new' day. The new smaller light is sooooo much better and brighter and uses only one bulb. It hangs higher and casts no icky shadows. Why did I wait so long to do this? You got me.

The chandelier in our bubble tub room was even worse. The previous owners had an odd sense of style in our humble opinion. What was the ornate thing doing in a mountain cottage? Needless to say it has been bugging me since we moved in. A quick fix took place yesterday and this is the result.
Simple and much brighter, and again using only one bulb. Why does the one bulb matter? We had been replacing these little bulbs repeatedly hoping to brighten up the room, to no avail. One CFL bulb did the trick.


 But the worst and most buggable was the molding in my studio. Since it was installed it has shrunk, and separated.  Despicable! This had to be fixed. So while Dave and Mike our hired man were just standing around admiring the new light fixtures, I dragged their attention to address this problem.
While it made a mess of my studio....

it was so worth it. Can't see anything but white shining trim? Great. that's how it should be.
Amidst all that paint clutter I managed to keep working on my new spidey.
In this case, slow but sure wins the race. 


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

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  2. These lighting fixtures are much more appropriate for the Mexican chalet. I remember all the sconces when you moved in. Fine for the previous owners, but definitely not in keeping with your decor. What an improvement!
    I can relate to lighting fixtures from previous owners. We loved our house but knew the lighting fixtures would be the very first thing we replaced. AND THEY WERE.
    The new spidey is really taking shape. Can't wait to see how large it will be and how you finish it.

  3. I just discovered your blog! I love it!!!

  4. Hyperventilating over your new spidey!
    We're in the process of switching out lighting as well. We have lots of wooden country chandeliers in various early American colors. Too, too fussy for me.

  5. I bet Wanda will love this spiderweb!

    Those light fixtures are a huge improvement over the old.

  6. The only chance for the old fashion lamps would be to change them in an ironical way, but not in this environment. No way!
    The modern lamps are so much better! They go so well with the fresh colorful style of your place (I fell in love with the lime green for your bedroom!!) -- a touch of Bauhaus.


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