Sunday, January 10, 2010

Progress Report

Now I am on the right track.
From this point I have a straight edge to do the toe, and will have a similar straight edge for the heel...if I get that far. Now that I figured out the trick, some of the steam has gone out of my kettle. Imagine you are stuck on a math problem and you go to the back of the book to see the answer and how it was derived. Suddenly the lightbulb goes on, but then the thrill is gone at the same time.
And of course this is somebody else's design not mine, and that person already won the big contest prize from Knitter's Magazine ($6000!!!) which is amazing for a knit design.
So...I looked at the design and thought sweater.

This could be fun in hand painted yarns and so I decided to swatch out a larger hexagon and gauge the width, the needles and see what I thought.
Hmmm, do I want to do this? Keep in mind that each hexagon is knit in the round, turning and turning and turning til one is finished. As the project grows, the next hex is then knit off the previous one and again one knits round and round with more and more knitting each go round.
Dee and Cindra both suggested a throw, which is pictured here, a version of Bobby's Garden
that I found on Ravelry, and a number of projects are featured which show how many unfinished larger works there are in the world. Heh heh heh. I know what slowed their pace. It's all that knitting going round and round. Ugh. It would be even worse to sew them in place one at a time, if you ask me.
So since this is not required knitting and I won't be getting black marks on my permanent record, I think I'll pass on the throw, and the bull's eye looking pullover...I am not sure about the socks just yet. Just one more row, or one or ten more hexes, and the puzzle of figuring out the heel which still has to be discovered could keep me at it. We'll see.


  1. I love the colors you use!

  2. You are a determined girl! How about a fused fabric hexagon something or other? Could you create a grandmother's garden of fused sock shapes to get this idea out in another form?! You're definitely hexed, that's fer sure:)

  3. LOL! I knew the blanket was not for you... after you have explained it some more, I find it is not for me either. It would make me dizzy. I will stick to my sock blanket.


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