Saturday, January 09, 2010

Close, but no Cigar

I thought I had it, and got this far when I realized things were off. My plan was to build out in all directions which would 'automatically' fill in the spaces with stretchy hexagons until the sock miraculously formed. Wrong.

Because of my impetuosity I found I had to sew two hegagons together in the center, when I coulda-shoulda knit them together.

And because of where I started and continued, I found I was heading in a diagonal direction instead of linear horizontal one. Just because I have a picture here, don't expect to understand what I did, even I can't figure it out.

I went to bed to sleep on it and woke up at midnight and thought that I needed to make a half hexagon which would give me a straight 180 degree edge, whichis necessary in order to make the toe and heel. I was happy with that solution, until I woke up this morning. Now I see that the half hexagon is only nearly the solution. Each section of this one is an equal 8 stitches. But it needs to be 4,8,8, and 4 stitches to make it work. Sigh. Of course my start will have to be frogged, which is no biggie.
When I got out of bed this morning it dawned on me that I have a book with a printed hexagon grid which if I had remembered initially would have been immensely helpful. I live and learn.

So what I did learn: The hexagons are 48 stitches, on size 1 needles and they measure 2" each which nicely fits 4 across the ball of my foot. I am not all that convinced that my decreases look the way I want, so more experimenting will take place.
One more thing...I expect that these hexagon socks are going to be 'show socks' that never get worn, like these. There are lots of bumps and globby stitches that I don't think will feel all that comfy on the foot.

So once I get all the parts figured out I will feel satisfied.

Or maybe a mitten will come out of all this...


  1. Hi Melody,
    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I credit you for being the inspiration to start writing mine. (don't look, sometimes I go off on political tangents... I need the outlet) Anyway, I also credit you for inspiring me to start knitting again. I learned when I was a kid and knitted through young adulthood, but pretty much gave it up to spend all of my energy quilting. I had never tried a sock and seeing your posts with all of the beautiful colorful yarns inspired me to knit a pair. I haven't been able to stop ever since. Thanks. You are much more prolific and creative than I am. I need a pattern.
    I was wondering if you remember if you ever did a post on how to do those mitered squares? I see you have been doing a lot of them lately. Somewhere I saw a throw of mitered squares made with leftover sock yarns. I certainly have plenty of those. It was just a bunch of those mitered squares in different sizes.
    Do you join them together while you knit or are they knit separately and then sewn together?
    I hope that you have a good weekend. I'm glad that your sister and her family are nearby now. She is very talented to. She was also inspired by you.

  2. Since I am not a knitter I really don't understand the whole process but when I saw these beautiful hexagons all I could think of is having a stunning throw for a bed in a sunny room. It would be so pretty to cover ones cold piggies with something glorious like that while watching movies or whatever. To wake up in a room with that much sunny color surrounding you-wouldn't it be great? It does nothing to solve your sock problem though. The hexagons remind me of Kaffe Fassett fabric.
    Hope it's warmer there. 22 here-my fingerless mittens are helping a lot. Bless you.

  3. Dee, you are correct, it would make a stunning throw.
    Mel, I am exhausted just from trying to analyze it with you. I figured out early on they wouldn't be all that comfortable. My chubby little toes have enough trouble fitting in some shoes without all the lumps.

  4. On my blog today I posted a pair of socks that I think came from the same place as the ones you said looked uncomfortable. I wore them to work at the quilt shop today and they felt great! Of course, I also had on my fuzzy fake crocs.

    I am looking forward to you figuring out the hexagon ones - I really would like to make some.


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