Monday, January 11, 2010

Fall Creek Falls

I may have mentioned one or two times that we live in
Vacationland and here is proof. This is Fall Creek Falls which is like 35 minutes from our front door, and yesterday was the first time we visited the site. This water fall is the largest one east of the Rockies. The park is huge, with a lake and golf course and lots of hiking and biking trails and was practically ours alone yesterday.
It has been so cold of late ( now that we are officially wimps) and so just getting a sunny day got us out of the house and into the world again. First we had a long steamy soak in the hot tub and then popped in the car for the ride to the falls.
O how I love the piney woods.
The required tourist photo...
Now here's the weird surprise. With all this unusually cold weather, this morning I discovered our old cat Popeye has fleas! As soon as the sun comes up I am running out to get Frontline, which always works. And I am spraying down the house with bug juice. Disgusting.


  1. How wonderful to have a beautiful spot like this near your home. Happy flea hunting!

  2. How far is it from your house? I would love to get some telephotos of the falls! That is beautiful!

  3. I used to live not too far from you. We've been to Fall Creek Falls many times, but never in the winter. It's a spectacular place!

  4. Poor you & poor old Popeye.
    The falls are beautiful-we went there back when James was a little tyke and the weather was on the other side of the scale.

  5. Marina9:50 AM

    Poor Popeye, he does not need that in this cold weather. The
    Frontline should get rid of the fleas.

  6. Poor Popeye, the fleas are looking for somewhere warm to live! For fleas in the house, I highly recommend "Fleabusters", it's a non-toxic powder that you brush into carpets, around baseboards, etc. It will kill any fleas and flea eggs that are in those areas. It really works!

  7. Yep! The fleas like life in Tennessee, too. Finding them in the winter down here surprised me too.

  8. It is evident that you live in a very scenic part of the country.

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  10. Anonymous2:07 PM

    my relatives are from that mountain! In a year I don't remember they sold it to the state of TN.On your way out if you can find the little road there is a family cemetery there...say hello to my ancestors next time you visit!


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