Monday, January 25, 2010

Goodwill Goodies

Saturday's grocery shopping included a stop at the local Goodwill store. I lucked out with 50% off all sweaters. This cabled pink beauty is merino and cashmere.

Lately I have been having a Pear Green desire, and this terry hoodie was just the thing to satisfy me.

How could I resist this Icelandic Norwegian ski sweater, despite the warm temps here. The clasps alone are worth the $3 this cost me. Totally I spent $8.97 for the three pieces.

And then yesterday I finished the second Peppermintoes sock and ended the dreaded second sock syndrome. The Mini-Mochi yarn has a long dye repeat and so it looks like I used several colors for the darker pink, but no. These garter stitch socks are fitted and hug the arch of my foot like none of my other socks. I am happy to have solved this design.

 Pattern can be found on the sidebar.


  1. I love Goodwill! I get most of my clothes there. It's also a good place to find fabric; I scored an extra large women's cotton shirt once for 10 cents. It was hot pink with a tiny black print which found its way into several quilts.

    Good job on the socks! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  2. You shopped at my favorite store! And what deals you got! Great stuff! And you are right... the clasps simply could NOT stay in that store! Look forward to seeing what you do with them!

  3. What fun socks! We call Goodwill the GW Boutique.

  4. That sweater is gorgeous. I'd love to felt that one and make purses out of it.And those socks are great! I'm sooo tempted to make those.....

  5. I love GW's for a source of unusual fabric and buttons.Sometimes I luck up on wonderful yarns. Happy Shopping!

  6. Tammy V.10:41 AM

    Love those socks !!!

  7. Am I the only one left who has NOT been to Goodwill?
    Yeah, yeah, as soon as I can find the time.
    Soon, I Hope.

  8. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I am envying your GW shopping. We only have secondhand stores around here, far and few in between and the prices are hardly cheaper than regular, especially for nicer things. Having said that, I cannot wear clothes that belonged to someone else....funny eh! Even as a child I couldn't/wouldn't wear my siblings clothes.
    Is that sweater Icelandic or Norwaygic? LOL.........whatever, they are all very nice pieces and you really lucked out!!!

  9. great deals you made at the Goodwill store, I wish we had that here where I live. oh, and that sweater is Norwegian, not Icelandic.
    best wishes from Iceland

  10. Want to hear the ULTIMATE coolness?

    My GW store has Senior Citizen discount on Wednesdays! Heavenly.
    I usually drop off 2 bags and bring home 1 bag . . . good plan.

  11. It looks like the sweater will go good with your socks.

  12. Thanks for the inspiration. I've been so sick with a cough I haven't gone anywhere. Today I visited the Salvation Army Thrift store... all clothing was $2 a piece, 6 blouses later produced a nice haul of shell buttons ideal for earrings and button bracelets. Oh, and our Goodwill store produced 4 fun ties, ideal for silk purses.


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