Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fish Fixation

After two weeks of a completely iced over pond, my little fishies are back and stronger than ever. I love that they survive in our pond. I even saw a few frogs. Amazing.

They won't hold still for a photo, but I keep trying. You might be able to see some of the smaller goldies have black backs and fins. We have one fish I call Ms. White, as she is white not orange. I keep trying to get her photograph.

The amount of fish has increased over the years and now they form three or more groups around the pond, rather than clustering all in one spot as they did when we had fewer. It makes me wonder what this Spring mating season will bring. We feed them catfish pellets, so the pond can probably sustain quite a large population of fish, both pond fish and goldfish. And the plants such as waterlilies and rushes and iris offer tasty nibbles for them too.

Alright, I am obsessed. I admit it.


  1. I would be too!

  2. diane9:30 AM

    I think it's so cool that you have so many fish in your pond. I would be out there enjoying them and taking pictures, too.

    I'm personally partial to frogs myself so here's hoping they multiply like crazy!

  3. I LOVE the last three photos, make it look like they are swimming through the air and trees!

  4. For a second or two I thought you had so many fishies that you were hanging them in the trees.
    Love the Reflections ! ! !

  5. Wow - the photos are great!! The one with the dark sky makes me think Saskwach will come out of the woods!!

    The fish are getting so huge!! I just can't believe how fast they've grown. I feel like an "Fish Aunt" since we've watched them since the beginning!


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