Friday, January 22, 2010

Staying Home Today

The weather has finally calmed down and just a thick mist covers the landscape. We had a super duper thunder and lightening night, with tornadoes passing near us. Thankfully no damage was done here at the Mexican Chalet, but I expect to see lots of trees downed IF I left home, which I am not.

The pond is overflowing into the drain, and I can see the fish hovering in the floating grasses. Don't worry that they will be sucked into the hole. The debris on the top of it will prevent them from getting swallowed up.

Very noisy draining sounds are heard.

The water is so clear after a big rain...
Here are the photoshopped versions of the pictures above. Click for clarity.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Melody, those photos are fantastic!!!!

    Mary G. in chicago

  2. I love the big photo of the pond... I imagine you sitting in your window sipping some coffee or tea and enjoying. We have grayness here and lots of wet.

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  4. Wonderful pictures.

  5. Beautiful - a wonderful winter stillness.

  6. A fairy place!

  7. Anonymous2:29 PM

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  8. That top pic is amazing!

  9. beautiful photographs. both the unaltered and the photoshopped.Simply beautiful.

  10. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

    I read today that squirrels won't get near plants that have cayenne pepper sprinkled around. I'd suggest you try it for the voles. I's a Mexican Chalet, why not spice it up!!!


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  12. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Ms Mel, that anon at 12.10am is after your food money now!!! Imagine these scammers will stop at nothing! Now they want you to starve. I wonder what "P.S. I make 1000-2000 per daily now" really means? 1000-2000 what, peanuts?

    But sorry I got carried away. I really came here to say how wonderful those pictures are. You made the perfect decision to stay home....and look out your windows. Beautiful!

  13. Beautiful pictures Melody! The lines of the tree branches, those thick parallel trunks, the blue-green water, lime chartreuse grass and browns of leaf litter, all reflected so beautifully in the water, ahh such a lovely shot! Now, I must encourage you to invest in a better camera since obviously in addition to a fiber artist you are a photographer!

  14. These photos are breath taking, I can just picture a mystical looking maiden looking for her lover in those places. Sooo beautiful!


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