Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Second Try

Monday night we went to my niece Glory's holiday choral concert and I surreptitiously observed her little tiny hands. The Twilight Mitts that I had knitted for her were definitely going to be huge and part B, they weren't THE RIGHT YARN.
The pictures above are the proper interpretation of the movie character's mitts and remembering my own childhood, I recall how disappointing it is to have something homemade that is so NOT like what I wanted. The child has to say thank you when she is really feeling let down, and knowing everyone will know she has a cheapo imitation of the real thing is just too mortifying for a 14 year old.
On to a second pair. I am hoping this is closer to the particular color in demand, and working with smaller needles and finer yarn, I am certain these will fit her much better. Coincidentally I have a second 14 year old on my knitting list and she will get these same mitts. I am working on becoming a mitt-knitting expert.
Today is the Hixson knitting club meeting and altho it is raining it is much warmer than yesterday. And I have something to knit, so all is good. Here's the pattern. For lighter weight yarn, like sock yarn, I used #3 needles and cast on 35 instead of 30. It all works out perfectly.


  1. What an awesome Aunt you are!

  2. What a lovely color! Blue-green, my fave! If they still aren't right, I'd be happy to take them off your hands, so to speak...LOL!
    Good luck ! I am sure you will succeed, though, as you are so fabulous!
    Jeri ( trying to knit scarves for my own 3 teenaged nieces )

  3. I was going to make my 14 yr old niece a pair similar to yours but apparently all the rage in her school is grey cable! My baby sis suggested that I left it to my niece and her grandmother and I might just go down that route! And knit my baby sis a pair instead! I love the colour you used, they look great.


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