Tuesday, December 01, 2009


28 degrees put a layer of frost on everything, and kept me under the blankies for an extra hour this morning. Yawn. This is the hoped for cold weather that my sister has wanted to experience for about four years. Living in Singapore where it is 80+ humid degrees every day will change the way you think.
Dave is getting in the spirit of the season too.

Last year we picked up lots of lights at after Christmas sales, and this year he hung them, standing on the porch railings to reach the roof edge. Thank God he never lost his balance.

The tree is new. Across the street and down the road is a Christmas Tree farm. Actually it is a Norway Spruce farm, growing trees for nurseries, but our handyman Mike is related to the owner and that's how we got the tree. Dave wanted a really tall tree for inside but fell in love with this beauty and it is way too big to fit inside, and is alive, balled and burlaped. Dave already dug the hole for its permanent home, down at the end of our driveway. That was a smart move, getting it done before the earth froze.
Winter for me...baking, knitting and quilting, the usual. And maybe a few decorations indoors in the weeks to come.
I've added a new pattern to the Free Knitting Patterns on the sidebar. Mitered Diamond Poncho.


  1. What a display your Dave has created. Wow! I would love to see it in the real!!!!

  2. Your home is so festive and I do believe cold frosty mornings are for an extra cup of hot coffee and an extra cuddle under your wonderful quilts! I though Tennessee was a warmer state...well warmer than Illinois. Happy Holidays! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. what's going on? It's warmer here than there. Strange.
    Everything looks darling. Yay Dave!
    Bundle up Babes.

  4. You guys are festive!!!

  5. Putting up lights is one of the nicest Christmas traditions since it lights up the early dark nights. Yours our very pretty!


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