Monday, November 30, 2009

Several of you emailed me with a request for this pattern. It is a free Ravelry download.
If you haven't joined Ravelry, a free site for knitters and crocheters, allow me to encourage you to go there and register. There are currently over half a million registered members.
I admit to spending way too many hours browsing patterns, and finished objects made by the members. I have my own projects page and my user name is Fibermania. I have also designed a bunch of patterns and have a designer page under Melody Johnson. It is so fun!
This is also where I found local knitters and semi-local knitting groups.
I have a ton of knitting books and magazines, but since Ravelry offers a search engine where one can find just exactly what one needs, well, it makes everything else kinda obsolete.
When a person likes a particular project they can comment or just collect it as a favorite (with a heart symbol), and save it for future inspiration. This saving as a favorite shows up on the project page of the maker and shows how many times the page has been visited. One of the most 'faved' of my projects is the recent Simon Cowl.
Of course there are a ton of free patterns or pay as you knit patterns, but so inexpensive. I just found another pattern for mitts that I just have to make. Here. One can join groups with themes that may focus one on a particular idea. I have joined such varied groups as East Tennessee Knitters, Just a Scarf, Quilters Knitting, to the Barefoot Contessa group. Wha? Well the idea is that people in the group share an interest in something similar. They can get to know you by forums, or comments, emailing through message pages, or just watching your uploads of what you are making.
Kinda like a worldwide knitting party. I have had comments from people from Russia, Germany, Australia, and Canada. We are all addicted to needlearts.


  1. I just wished I could knit! I love all of your projects and want to make socks but for some reason knitting doesn't come very easily. I can crochet (nothing difficult) but for some reason knitting causes a mental block. Anyway, I wanted to tell you I love the gloves...what a long way to say that huh?

  2. ooooooo, love the colors very much.

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