Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gift Knitting

These strange things are all the rage with the Twilight set. My niece especially. My sister says that the closer I can get to the color of the ones worn by Alice in the film, the more my niece will like them.

Lucky for me, I had just the right yarn, merino superwash dk. Very soft, not the least bit itchy and so turquoise-y.

These were a cinch to knit with a nice gusset for the thumb area. When this fashion dwindles I can always go back and add the rest of the mitten. Pattern available for free here.

I prefer, for myself, these beauties.

I have the pattern and am just scrounging through my stash for the right yarn. O, I will finish them off as mittens, being Out of it and Proud of it.

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  1. Like you I haven't figured out why these fingerless things are so in.

  2. Never mind the twilight set, I have been looking for these for a year. I have arthritis in my paws. My computer is in the north corner of the house. When the wind comes whipping up from the water, my hands are always frozen. Last year I wore gloves to type...not a good idea. First thing I thought of were these fingerless I am on the search for a knitter around here. Those beige ones are just the thing. I should probably try craft shows in the area.
    Cute stuff.

  3. Love that pair that you'll make for yourself.....very elegant!

  4. My sewing area is chilly in the winter and I have a basket of fingerless mitts that I've knitted. My friends know when they visit that they are welcome to wear a pair. I also have some that just cover my wrists- just enough to warm me up a little.

    I found a lot of fingerless gloves and mittens on Ravlery- many as free downloads. Your white ones are really pretty- what pattern is it?

  5. Well, you can play the piano and type when you wear fingerless mitts. And of course you could embroider too, which I must try. And if, like me, your hands get claustrophobia inside mittens, they are a nifty alternative. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I just downloaded it! Those cabled ones look lovely too. I was really glad of my fingerless mitts on a cruise to Alaska. I was able to work my camera beautifully to capture images of the awesome glaciers! So I say
    "3 Cheers for fingerless mitts!"

  6. "Out of it and Proud of it" is a fantastic slogan! You should make t-shirts and mugs...
    What about adding a flip top mitten so you can convert from fingerless mits to mittens when it gets too cold? As in these:
    Too much fun!

  7. Oh I love that 2nd pair, what pattern are they please.

  8. I make dozens of different pairs of fingerless gloves and I wear them almost all year because my paws get so cold always. I think I am addicted to making them! I have given many pairs as gifts and people seem to love them. I too would love to know where to get the pattern for the second pair. They are beautiful!

  9. I adore that 2nd pair, so elegant, so sexy, am going to download the pattern and beg, cry and whine and chuck dollars around til I get someone to knit me a pair.
    Thanks so much for the pattern.


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