Friday, November 27, 2009

The Entertainment Gene

Here's the proof. China, silver, place cards, candles and decorations. Brooke knows how to set a beautiful table, no?

There must be bacon...Brooke even had a bar of bacon chocolate to share.

Basil-garlic butter-corn, and after the broccoli is cranberry marshmallow salad and homemade Parker House Rolls made by my b-i-l Terry. Wonderful.

Niece Glory is now 14 and what a lovely young lady. She is modeling my Mitered Kerchief.

It was a lovely day for a drive into Chattanooga and an even lovelier time to begin new traditions. Brooke mentioned that this was our first Thanksgiving together. Wha? She is 44 and I am 61 and this is the first time we have shared this holiday? How did that happen?

Brooke was almost two years old when I (19) married my first husband, September 1967. We moved to Colorado for several years (USAF) and when we finally returned to Illinois I think we may have had one Thanksgiving with our family...but Brooke was like maybe 8. Not too memorable for either of us, I guess. Then events transpired to prevent further occurrences of the day. (How's that for leaving out gory details?)

So with all that behind us now, we are forming new traditions for our special occasions, including putting up the Christmas tree. We loaned their family our tree, since we are coming back to their place for Christmas and Dave brought home a Norway Spruce for our yard. It is staying outside, as it about 14 feet tall. Pictures will follow when it gets decorated.

We concluded that doing Thankgiving like this, prepared mostly ahead of time and sharing the dishes, made this a really easy holiday dinner. There was no football, no movie watching, just talking, laughing and eating and decorating the tree. Sometimes simple is best.


  1. Glad to hear you are starting a new tradition. Hope you will continue it for many many years. for years.

  2. Cranberry marshmellow salad? Sounds very peculiar!

  3. A wonderful family story. May there be many more. Glory is a beauty, still.

  4. There is some timeline disturbance in this story: I was born in 1965....

  5. How beautiful Glory is. Glad you had a fun day.

  6. Brooke, I think I need remedial math. I fixed the years just now..

  7. Sounds and looks wonderful! Happy thanksgiving a few days late!

  8. I'm hungry all over again after looking at that lovely table setting and fixings. Yummy!

  9. Glory looks so much like YOU!!!!


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