Monday, November 09, 2009

Simon Cowl

A knit so nice I made it twice!

Well, I had all the leftovers which I loved from the last Baktus Scarf, so my new piece is just a smaller version of the previous. It is knit flat and joined into the cowl with a three needle bind-off, made simple with a crochet cast-on that unzips, exposing live stitches.

I am getting better at mirror photography.

In case it ever gets really cold, or I have to rob a bank, I have just the accessory.

And of course it can be worn as a turtleneck too. I wanted the vertical striping and also wanted it to flare out at the bottom, so I added short rows every 5-7 ridges. (this will be explained in the pattern, later).

You may be able to see the short rows in this picture. Essentially one knits part way down the row and turns the work (wrapping the last stitch) and then knits back to the start, turn and knit that row back, picking up the wrapped stitch. I have pictures in the pattern here.

Today I will be playing with fabric in the studio with my sister Brooke. Or at least that's the plan. So I had to get this finished and put away the yarn (again) and change my thinking to fabric...whaddya bet we see these same colors in the work today?


  1. Ooh! Fun! BUT if you rob a bank with this one they will TOTALLY know it was you! ;-)

  2. Seriously... rob a bank in that? All your blogging friends will know for sure, but my lips are zipped... or, at least I can be bought. LOL! Love it!

  3. It's beautiful & I love the name, too! I'm sure you will leave the teller so transfixed, he or she will not even realize there is a robbery going on!

  4. I love garter stitch knitting and short rows! This cowl looks great and it would be a great take-along project.

  5. My goal to start a gang is totally playing out here. Bank robbing functional fashion: check. //If you made one with the ends not sewn in, it would be a Strandy Jackson. //Oh my god, I'm funny.// Hi Mel!

  6. You are funny and you make me smile and I love your knits!

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  8. And, of course, no one would remember that scarf.

  9. Oh what a wonderful name for your neck scarf! I love the colors and the way it turned out. You really are a good knitter ~ your stitches are consistent (that was always my downfall, so I don't knit). Thanks for sharing.

  10. Melanie, I just love your blog, I just ordered some fabric dyes and "bare "yarn. You are starting me on a whole new project.I've knit one Baktus scarf, may do some more. Now on to dying and the cowl.Too bad I live in S.Cal.we don't have much of a winter.Thanks for so generously sharing with us! Atie

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