Saturday, November 07, 2009

Anne Lullie comes to visit

It's as if I only have famous people visit me. Anne was teaching at a quilt guild in Crossville TN so she and her husband Joe took a few days to drive around our state and see how beautiful it is. Then they stopped here for a short visit. Anne is showing me her hand dyed jacket, which is adorable, if you ask me.
She brought some of her newer pieces to show me, and I am apologetic for the bad fotos. Go to her website to see them in all their glory.
They were here for such a short time, but we managed to get caught up, have lunch and then it was all over. Good fun.
Meanwhile back at the ranch...Sometime ago I joined a knitting group at the late great Stone Light quilt shop in Soddy Daisy. I missed a few meetings because of my knee problems and then the shop closed and the knitting group went with it. Pooh! Just when I am ready to get back to the group. So I asked around and found out that there is another group that meets at Niedlov's Breadworks in Chattanooga on Saturdays. They have a cafe and yummy wonderful bread-y things and I am bound to attend next week.
Now here's the thing. This bread bakery is across the street from the shop where my sister Brooke works. I had read about them in Southern Living Magazine and visited it when we went to see her workplace and now it turns out to be the place to knit. Could this be where I meet my new friends to fill that social gap-a-tosis I am having? We'll see.

I'll be wearing my new Baktus Scarf.

Now that's the colorway for me.

I especially like the way the alternate yarns are carried along the edge. It makes for a neat finish.

This was gonna be my last knit for a while, as I have put away my yarn. But then I had another idea I have to get out of my system before I really focus on other things. Isn't that just the way these things go?


  1. The new scarf is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow Mel, you are really knockin them outta the park! Beautiful and the colors are definitely you.

  3. Love this scarf. Baktus insists on rolling out of my mouth as Batkus. Regardless, this is the ultimate in a yummy neck warmer plus...anyone encountering you wearing it will be cheered.

  4. How gorgeous is that! Carrying other yarns up the side is the trick -- I was wondering about that!!

  5. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Ooh! Pretty pretty pretty! It drapes so nicely!

  6. If I thought I could make something even a fraction as pretty, I would sign up for a knitting class in a hot minute! I'm dazzled by how beautiful it looks around your neck!

  7. Love the baktus! When you first blogged about it, I became obsessed and am finally getting around to starting one! I am somewhat new to knitting anything other than dish cloths, so forgive this idiotic question...but I have yet to knit flat with circulars. What length of circulars did you use to knit this? Thanks!

  8. Scarf is SOOOO you. Colors are just incredible and thanks to your dyeing yarn post we can all go there. THANKS!

    I was sad to hear that Stone Light had closed. Your workshop there in spring was one of the highlights of my year!

  9. Lovely colors! -- Could you post Ann's URL again? There seems to be something wrong.

  10. Love your Baktus scarf!

  11. I was lucky enough to meet Anne at the Houston Quilt Festival.

    What groovy quilts made by an equally groovy quilter!

    Love the bold colours on the scarf..Much more Melody!


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