Friday, November 06, 2009

I changed my mind

Compare these two pictures. What was I thinking with that brown???

The top picture is much more in keeping with EVERYTHING I do, wear, quilt, paint etc.
I frogged the brown/multi scarf start, and dug in my stash for leftovers and found lots of brights to play off my hand dyed yarn.
This is more like it. Although I have a ton of pink yarn, none of it is sock weight, so I may have to augment my selections by dyeing some small batch of pink/red. 30 minutes + drying time is all it takes.
And this morning I located this nice IKEA container to carry it all around with me. Just right.
Again I am knitting the Baktus scarf. (#3, if and when it is finished) It turns out to be just the right weight for wearing around my neck around the house. Sock (yarn) for my neck. And it is so mindless to knit, which is why I am using so many yarns; to make it interesting.


  1. Thank you for changing it!!! So much better!

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I am voting in favor of the brown with rainbow. So much more interesting.
    Sign me,
    Contrary Liza

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I am with Contrary Liza, for the tonned down version. The bright one hurts my eyes. But it is you, Mel.
    Sign me, Contrary V.J.

  4. I like them both! and I love the tub of yarn. There is something special about a tub of fiber that makes me smile. The brown was interesting but for you something brighter calls.

  5. The BRIGHTs ! ! ! !
    The only way to go, Melody.
    I just don't know how you get so much knitting accomplished. I am still working on my first Baktus.
    Admittedly, I am not a fast knitter and have not had that much time to knit but for gosh sakes, it is just knit, knit, knit.
    I am still plugging along. Our mid-Missouri weather is cooperating with me though.

  6. Why use one yarn when you have 20-50 or more.
    that's my motto and I'll be posting my newest probably tomorrow.

  7. Anonymous10:44 AM

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  8. Anonymous10:45 AM

    BRIGHTS make it the best!! Gail Norback

  9. I LOVE the bright one! Just like the colors in your quilts. LOVE IT!

  10. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I am always amazed how much you get done. You are very inspirational.

  11. I LOVE those hot hot colors! Look how much you got knitted on that Baktus scarf already! So I guess you are knitting with two strands of yarn -- the stuff you dyed and then other ones as well. Is it fingering weight?? I'm using DK hand dyed on biggish needles to try to get a soft drapey feel... but maybe I need to be using a "thinner" yarn or yarns for my next attempt.

  12. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Is it THAT cold in Tennesee that you need to wear a scarf around your neck in the house? I'll never forget my first look at Tenn. I was SO impressed! In the 60's (you can tell how old I am) we were driving down to Fort Lauderdale with the students for spring break. Living in the Midwest there were many things along the way we had never seen before. While driving all night, we woke up in Tenn. and couldn't believe how GREEN it was. Or maybe that was the BLUE GRASS part!!

  13. So weird - I can never click on the title of one of your posts in my RSS feeder to come over here to the site and comment. Only YOUR RSS feed - weird!

    The new one is definitely "you" and beautiful, but I was LOVING the one w/brown! I'm making a two-color Baktus myself now (aren't the bloody things addictive???) and was tempted to swap out my cream for a dark color after seeing your multi/brown one. I LOVED it! But I think both are beautiful.

    So while I'm here (came directly from my bookmark!) let me finish this comment by saying that I often try to comment and tell you how much I enjoy reading, but am foiled by RSS. So THANKS for your blog!

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