Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sister's Play Day

We got so much accomplished in a very short time. We cut, ironed and sewed bunches of parts, mostly half square triangles for a proposed 2 for 1 quilt idea, that is barely fleshed out in my mind, but it may happen. See it here when it does.

I had to look up my own tutorial on Half Square Triangles-Fast ( in the sidebar) and my first set I made wrong and had to unpick the stitches. I am way rusty as a piecer.

We will both be making these at home in the meantime. They may start out looking perfectly square, but I doubt they will end up that way in our finished tops.

Lots of fabrics to work through and not a very clear idea of what we'll need until more of the blocks are made.
We also figured out what we are going to make for our First Family Thankgiving Dinner Together. All caps, you'll notice. We come from a not very close family and are trying to remedy that, even if it only half of us that will attend.

The menu? We decided not to do a big turkey because we are cooking in Brooke's apartment kitchen this year, so we came up with this brainstorm: Turkey Lasagna.

It's not what you think.

WE don't have a recipe but are not letting that stop us. We think: Turkey Cutlets layered with dressing, layered with more cutlets, and dressing and baked. What do you think? Sounds easy and quick and make ahead, kinda.

And after we had lunch on the patio (72 degrees in November!) I had Brooke show me some crochet stuff that I needed to learn.

Picot edging for my knits, and using crochet to start a knit hat. Isn't that cute, so far? The hole lets out the steam, methinks.
I learned to crochet from our dad who learned how to in the TB sanatorium after WWII, imagine that. He taught me all the stuff but not the names of things, so I have not been able to follow a pattern because I didn't know what anything was called. Brooke does and will be giving me a book explaining all. She crochets, doesn't like knitting. O well. To each her own.

Pssst! There's a giveaway on Candy's new website here.


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Looks like fun...funny that you're a rusty seam unpicker - do you know how to do that with a rotary cutter? Wouldn't be great for bias seams cause you have to pull a bit, but works like a charm on straight seams!

    You know...the turkey lasagne sounds good - it's how most of us end up eating it anyway!

    And..thanks for the plug! This new website thing is so exciting!

  2. Hmmm, I just started crocheting again on Sunday! Great for TV-watching. Candy's site is popular, indeed!!! It's unavailable because the bandwidth has been exceeded!

  3. Turkey Lasagna.. great invention! I taught myself how to crochet Tunisian style yesterday.... now can I crochet intarsia tunisian? Mel, you can figure that one out for me... you are the expert figure outer!

  4. As long as there is Cranberry chutney, it sounds great to me.


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