Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sketching for ideas

Sketching for me is like a can opener for ideas. I don't know what's in my brain (the can) until I start doodling on the page. I may not use the doodle to form my next work, but it gets me on the right track, especially when there are literally zillions of tracks I might choose.

When one begins a new improvisational piece, it helps to have a starting point. I am looking for that with these and other sketches.


  1. I love to look at your "ideas in progress" and REALLY liked your idea of cutting up strips to study for value contrast and color. A nifty idea! :-)

  2. I like all of them.

  3. Hmmmm.... a series! I really like the last two.

  4. Wow, does it really start so simply? Fascinating. I don't plot my work out but I've been thinking lately that I might should start. This makes it look less intimidating.

  5. You know I didn't realize that you sketched out some ideas. I like to start with sketches myself but usually they are for figurative work - I'll have to try it for my abstract pieces. thanks for the idea!


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