Friday, October 02, 2009

Happy Happy

At last my track lighting over my work table is working. I have five more of these lights to slide onto the track but I couldn't wait to get the picture taken. I have been holding on since forever to have the last shoe drop on this studio and now I am READY. Well, I mean when I can get Dave up on the ladder. My arms are too short, or I would add the rest of the lights myself.

And a similar story with the deck. It is almost finished but we were short a few deck boards, which we will pick up today. The guys did a fabulous job, fitting the boards right up to the retaining wall, with no room for pesky weeds to pop through. You can bet I will be decorating that retaining wall in no time. Potted plants? Umbrella, table, lounge chairs? And of course hot tub to come.

We enjoyed the sunset and a hot fudge sundae right here. It is raining again and washing off all the dust and dirt from sitting on the ground prior to construction. Monday it will be officially finished. And then it is time to plan our first party.


  1. You are the "hostess with the mostess" Mel--just remember not to over do it!

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    WooHoo! I know how great you must feel - there's nothing like a project finishing the way you had hoped/planned/dreamed! Enjoy! And just think, you may find some great stuff for the deck on huge clearance right now - an awesome deal? double woohoo!

  3. WoW! Can't wait to try it out, if the weather would only cooperate.

  4. Wow, I should import some workers from Tenn. Getting anything done around here takes forever and a mediator. Grrrrrr
    Looks great-have fun!


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