Monday, October 05, 2009

Blindfolded Tightrope Walking

This is not the quilt. This is a collage of its parts.

Blindfolded tightrope walking is what it feels like to design improvisationally. That is, having no idea where you will end up, but just taking a step, taking a breath, taking another step, and deciding. Each part of the design is dependent on the previous part and so trusting your gut is a distinct element of the work.

It is thrilling to work like this, but scary at the same time.

The fabric is the key of course. It is what the quilt is about after all. And if that is good, then it follows that the work will sing, as long as the artist does not get in the way and try to impose something irreconcilable into the work. I am trying to stay clear of preconceived notions.

The top is 3/4 of the way I have a good start. We'll see where this leads.


  1. Wow! I go through my Google Reader each morning and this pic was a wonderful way to wake-up! I can't wait to see the quilt!!!!

  2. Beautiful fragments. Go, you!

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    It's amazing for me to see that you feel like this - it's very similar to how I feel when I'm making an "actual quilt". I assumed that's because I spend so much time making things that I consider "sketches" I just wasn't making them regularly enough to feel confident when I stepped up to the cutting board. So thanks for sharing, it's always insightful!

  4. Yup, I know just how you feel! It's already singing to me, just beautiful!

    Roxane in Raleigh

  5. Yes, Yes! I need to get the dye out and play again, your fabric combos are so pretty!

  6. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Your comment on improvisational work is perfect! I had just finished writing about the process of making an improvisational quilt and emailed it on. About putting pieces, shapes, and colors on the design wall, moving them around, adding or subtracting, making new units to continue the conversation with the quilt. Then I went to your site and saw your description. So perfect!
    -Connie in AL


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