Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When I was at IKEA Sunday, I found these frames which I thought provided me with an answer to a semi-problem. Several years ago I bought this fabulous roll of primed ultra-fine canvas and it needs to be supported for a finished painting. I hate to staple canvas around stretcher bars (don't you?) and I don't actually have any stretcher bars currently.
So how to use this fine canvas?

That's where the frames provide a solution. The backing board is thin masonite, and I can adhere the canvas to the board with acrylic medium and when the painting is finished, it can be framed!
This 'experiment' will be a nice size to try out, and I have five frames as a start.

Another solution...a new floor lamp from IKEA (on sale, $10) to use to light my subjects. Lighting is so important and this lamp will make it so much easier to get what I want, lighting-wise. So I am off to the races.