Monday, July 20, 2009

Play Ball

Dave warming up
and ready to swing.

Dave gets up at the ungodly hour of 3am to drive to Atlanta to play baseball on Saturday mornings. This weekend was an exception because it was Tournament time. He came home Saturday afternoon instead of staying in Atlanta, and we packed up a clean uniform and returned to town in the new Chrysler to stay overnight for Sunday's games. Two more games!
I hadn't seen him play in years, so this was a treat. Sort of. Um. His team isn't exactly a winning team. One win and all the rest routs. O dear. But it was still fun and I could tell he was having a blast.

Most of the players are, shall we say, mature. Dave is 54 and one guy is 67. Amazing.
The second game on Sunday really weeded out the riffraff and luckily Dave escaped injury. Several others of his team were not so lucky. Final score: 24-1.
I did not have to witness this disaster, as I was excused to go shopping. The ballpark is only ten exits from IKEA! So I had two hours alone in the store with 30 thousand other shoppers. I found several bargains and will reveal them in days to come.

On the home front, we have two water lilies in bloom at once.


  1. so they don't have the 10 run rule? Love the lilies!!!! Can't wait to see your bargains!

  2. Hey, who cares if they lost. You got to watch your good looking husband with the python arms, play.

  3. I think Ikea implants people magnets. It's quite a powerful force when you don't live really close to one but know you're in the realm.// I'm glad Mr. Baseball had a good time.

  4. There is something about being part of a team...


  5. So it sounds like the kids play on Dave's team.
    Where I live in FL the players ages start about 65 and go into the 90's.
    And they are so serious about it.
    Winning is everything!
    Women come from miles around looking for a single one!

  6. So cool for Dave. Waja get waja get????

  7. I can't believe it . . . a photo of water lillies with NO FROGS ;-)

    The water lillies are great and Dave and the guys look like they are having a blast, whether they are winning or not.


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