Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Sad Farewell

I admit to being a little teary eyed to see the PT go. It was the first car I bought for cash. That meant a lot to me at the time. And I guess it still does. I never had a bit of trouble with this gem, and I'll miss her.
And A Blue Car Day

We made a few calls and decided that the van I wanted (Is this your final answer?) was not a good deal after all. It has a rebuilt title (which I had never heard of) and Dave nixed it immediately upon hearing that news. So back to the first van I wanted, a 2004 Town and Country Touring, with everything, including the heated seats.

This dealer was in Fayetteville a mere 60 miles away in midstate Tennessee. What a beautiful drive this was, in Ugly Betty. We thought it resembled the milk and honey views of SW Wisconsin. Hilly and greeeeeeen. They have real dirt there and the cornfields were proof.

Dave coached me to act nonchalant so I wouldn't screw up the deal.

We took it for a test drive, and unfair as this comparison is to Ugly Betty, it was superbly smooth, quiet and so comfortable. I was in love. So Dave played it cool and we talked numbers and got a good deal but decided to wait over lunch before committing.

After a great patty melt at Mildred's down the road, we came back with Dave wanting to drive a few more cars on the lot in search for a little something for himself. He made overtures about buying two cars, and the possible deal he could get?? What a guy.

As the papers for my van were being written up the dealer kept coming back with lower and lower prices for the Sable Dave liked. So he acquiesced.

Two new cars? Yup. Both 2004's. We emptied out Betty and will have to return to get her later this week. The drive home was sooooo much nicer than the trip there. Sigh.

I definitely got what I wanted from the beginning. The seats in back all come out, and the front seats are deluxe for old farts like us to take on a long drive, which is everywhere from here. It has that nice feature of mpg readouts, or time and temp, or how many miles til a fillup. All that extra stuff. But the quiet and smoothness and space is most important. And of course the heated leather seats. ha!


  1. I'm glad that Dave got himself a car to go play baseball. That means your new beauty won't be deer hunting!

  2. Glad it all worked out. I think your strategy sessions in the car could be a web show unto themselves.

  3. Could I borrow Dave to help negotiate a deal for us??? My DH doesn't have that gene and I know we always pay too much (like most people) even though I go with a print out of what the vehicle is worth and then what ours is worth, etc., etc. I just hate it!!! When our '06 is paid more new cars!!! Hope you have good luck with both vehicles :)

  4. bun warmers are the best!!! definitely a must...along with good cup holders! a girl's gotta be comfy!

  5. I thought heated seats were a luxury too - until I had them, and now I won't settle for a car without them. Great for cramps or back aches, even if the temps don't warrant them.

  6. I'm with you on the heated seats. Whoever thought of them should be knighted or something, LOL. Would rather have them than a regular heater. Congrats on your two new cards, and kudos to Dave for his negotiation skills. Hugs, Cathy

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