Thursday, July 02, 2009

Down the Road

Down the Road
8x10x1" Oil on gallery wrapped canvas $100
For the last several days I have been searching the internet in hopes of finding new painting inspiration. I wanted to do something different and challenging but I didn't know what that might be. Yesterday I found the work of a painter I had seen before in Santa Fe (very Southwestern) and I decided to try the landscape idea...with a twist. Of course it must be about this area and in my colors. Part B. I was getting tighter and tighter in my painting style and needed to loosen up a bit. Less about exactitude and more about freedom.

Whenever we take a ride in either direction we see fabulous vistas and lots of 'character' in the structures on the land. I may have cleaned this barn up a bit too much. ha!
I had Dave drive while I shot photos and came home armed with about 130 possible ideas. That ought to keep me busy.

At first I thought I would go small and use oils but I want to learn more about the techniques I found in the inspiration paintings, so I will go larger and switch to acrylics. I will post my progress.
Speaking of progress...

And they smell so good too.
Critter Report: We went out to look at the flowers and there was a huge crane in our pond. It took off as we stood there, and it looked prehistoric. I was so afraid all our fish had become breakfast, but so far they all seem to be still here.


  1. Mel, I love the looser approach in your newest paintings! And the colors are fantastic! I'm glad you mentioned what those lilies are--now I know what to call the ones blooming in my bluebird habitat--Stargazers!

  2. I was thinking oh how neat, a crane... I didn't even think of your "pet" fish!
    I love the landscape!

  3. I love the painting! I love landscapes with old, interesting buildings! And your colors are wonderful, natch!

  4. Love this! Absolutely gorgeous colors ^_^

  5. It is SO neat to see this landscape in YOUR colors! The blue foreground looks very similar to how you paint your fabric with the folds still in it ;-)

  6. Just delicious! It would be fun to see the photo you worked from, too... or is that gauche to ask!? Haha!

  7. You said the crane was large.
    Was it a whooping crane?

  8. Beautiful painting! When I read your comment about wanting to loosen up in your work and try something new I thought of a site I belong to at:
    There is a group called Loosen Up where Gary gives instructions and videos about that very thing so I thought I'd pass it on. It's all free so I'm not soliciting for anything! (I'm one of your lurkers)

  9. wow that sold quickly.
    I love the way the bottom is less structured, a little like showing the land beneath. Great colours too.

  10. My guess would be a Great Blue Heron. And they are terrific fishermen. But glorious to watch. Good luck!

  11. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I love how your art is changing. Your landscape is wonderful!

    But the question that is burning in my mind - what do you do to keep the deer away from your lilies? I love those lilies but have to grow them in very protected areas only! So what's your secret???

  12. If a heron has discovered your pond, you will have to count down the fish. Watch out!
    The painting is lovely. Looking forward to seeing more.

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