Friday, July 03, 2009

I started a new painting yesterday and got totally lost. I planned on fixing it (always a mistake) when I got back from my doctor's appt. but then I had to grocery shop, and make dinner and feed the fish...all work avoidance. Sometimes it pays to admit defeat, and move on. I admit defeat on painting #2 of this new series. I am not defeated on this series, only stalled.
Another perfect day and we have decided to take the bikes into Chattanooga and ride along the riverfront. Isn't that a good diversion? I think so.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if its life getting in the way of our creativity or is it us putting life in the way. Still my husband likes when I'm creatively blocked - I'm a little grumpy but the house is all cleaned, laundry is done and the dinner on the table. Humph - I'd just rather have my piece done! (grin)

  2. That is very exciting about Brooke coming to live near you! Sounds like you are having an Excellent summer there! Anne

  3. Having the inspiration, but not the time to paint... uh, this is unpleasant.


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