Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Long Trip Home


In twelve hours my sister Brooke and her family, Glory and Terry, will be boarding a plane and leaving Singapore. They will have layovers in Tokyo and LA and then land in Arizona, maybe Phoenix? This is a the long awaited day. I am all aflutter inside.

They will stay in AZ for a week or so and visit with Terry's family, whom they have not seen in four years. They have some household goods in storage there, and will decide if they want to move them here to TN. If so, it's a rental truck for the next leg of the trip. Brooke has the only driver's license at the moment, so she will be driving from AZ to TN. O boy. She is a good driver, but of course this is no picnic.

Now here's the thing. All the time that they have been married, they have lived places for Terry's education or employment and now it is Brooke's turn and they have chosen to live near me and Dave.
When they arrive we hope to have scouted out the apartments on her list and hopefully they will be able to find something perfect that is rentable mid-month. Terry has cat allergies so staying with us is going to be short. In the past he has slept in our van. This time we are talking about the garage or potting shed. Not my idea of a place of rest.

And they have no employment here, no car and no home. Is this enough stress for you? Only the young can handle this.
As for me, I will be so happy to have them here and I really hope they like it in TN as much as we do. And I hope and pray they find work they love and an apartment they love and a car that works.


  1. Debbie Grifka7:24 AM

    I'm so excited for you that Brooke and her family are coming to live so close after so many years of being FAR away!

  2. I hope all falls into place for them, too.

  3. Exciting times for all. I used to live on the edge like that, but of course, when it's how you live, it doesn't really seem edgy at all. It's just life. It will be fun to see how things unfold from here. Too bad about the cat allergy....

  4. Here's hoping they have safe travels...and find shelter & employment upon arrival!

  5. I'm thinking good thoughts and wishing good wishes for your sister and her new life!

  6. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I pray that enjoy TN too. I love living here! Here's good thoughts, prayers and energy to get them moved, happy, healthy and safely.

  7. I've moved so many times from one coast to another but never from a foreign country! I can't imagine the stress for all of them! Everything will fall into always does. :) I'm sure they will like TN. My SIL and her family moved 7 years ago from San Diego to Cedar Hill, TN and just love it. It took a while to adjust but now they wouldn't live anywhere else. I'm so happy for you that you will be close to your sister :)

  8. I am a firm believer that if it is meant to be it will all fall in place.
    I am sure this will be true for your sister.


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