Saturday, June 06, 2009

Weekend Two-fer


Bright Spring Day February 2005

Hand dyed cottons, silks, and cheesecloth, hand embroidery, sequins, thread schnibbles, fused and machine and hand quilted. 21x15” $250

I can remember wanting winter to be OVER when I made this piece. Wishful thinking? You bet! I gathered up all my freshest pastels (hard to find in my stash!) and just played with color and texture. People are usually surprised that cheesecloth can be fused, but it can and still looks great after all these years. Pearlescent sequins, just the perfect touch.


Yellow Bird February 2002

Hand dyed and commercial black cottons, metallic threads, fused and machine quilted. 18x24” $300 Sold


This detail shows the gold cording and threads, to accent the edges.

I made a pattern of this bird and kept the original for a sample. Now I am no longer doing patterns so the piece is available, having done its job for me.

Here is the original sketch in my sketchbook. That slice of lemon next to it…I just don’t know why it is there.


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