Monday, June 08, 2009

A great way to wake up

I wake up, get a cuppa, and read my emails. One of them came from a person who wanted to purchase all these quilts.

Can this be true? Hmmm. I will have to wait and see. The pieces are Tangerine Trail, Desert Sky and Hilltop Houses. 

Desert Sky has been almost purchased numerous times, but the deals always fell through. It is one of my favorites.

There does seem to be a theme color in all these, ORANGE, which makes me want to believe that the buyer is er, tasteful, and will actually want them for her home overseas, per the email…

Will you all hold my hand as I wait to see if this offer is legit?

!!!UPDATE!!!! Ok, another pro quilt artist received this very same email (substitute her quilt’s titles) and it is a scam. Pooh! I just knew it. But the good thing is that my Scam-o-meter still works.

PS. I have really really good news. Brooke and family are coming to live near me!! See this.


  1. Here's a virtual hand, Mel! Good luck!

  2. Would you like two hands? I like hilltop houses.

  3. What a shame to abuse artists' hopes and expectations like this! These quilts are overwhelming, and I'm keeping fingers crossed for you to find serious customers.

  4. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Melanie, congratulations on the news from your sister. That will be wonderful.

    Regina B.

  5. But the funny thing is - if these 3 quilts were chosen at that they all had orange as a focal color! - what does that say about your art???

    So glad you'll be way close to your sis!

  6. What wonderful news about Brooke! There's no substitute for having a beloved family member near-by, even if it's brief.

  7. Bah Humbug on the trixter, but THRILLED to hear your sister will be close by soon enough. =)

  8. Me too, Mel. I admit I had a "quick breath in" response at first, but quickly remembered I had read that same offer before. And so it goes, in the big wide web world.

  9. pammyfay4:55 PM

    Terrific news about Brooke and family's move! You are in such a relaxed, happy place in your life that this is a great time for it.

    (And altho I know you're disappointed about the quilts, I'm thrilled to know that when I DO win the lottery, that bright-orange piece of loveliness on the left will still be available for ME!)

  10. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I have heard of that scam before.. but WOWZA on your good news... I can only imagine you are over the moon!looking forward to the shennanigans!

  11. Great news on your sister's family - how wonderful that you'll have time together, at least a year! Enjoy.

    Sorry about the scam. Good scam antennae you have there! :-)

  12. Love the quilts melody!
    Great to hear that Brooke is moving your way. We will really miss her enthusiasm and smile. Its been lovely to have a fellow fuser around and see her great works of art in the making. Sometimes though a girl just needs her big sister! Look after her Melody. We will miss her

  13. In my dreams I find these scammers, grab a baseball bat and . . . .

    No. But I wish something could be done about this. I've received a few of these emails myself. Two misspellings (at a minimum) are one of my clues to being scammed.

    What ever happened to Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor? Do these people think they are above mugging? Are they too chicken to do that? Enough venting!!

    I'm always glad to hear another artist mention the color orange in a positive way. It has slowly become one of my favorite colors. But, I guess I have lots of favorite colors. That is probably why I like your beautiful, colorful work.


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