Friday, June 05, 2009

Studio White

Because it was foggy, rainy, and chilly, today seemed like a good day to start painting the studio. Dave was supposed to play baseball but the game ( which was to be a make-up game) got cancelled because of wet fields. Both he and I were able to focus on this project entirely.

The walls were the easy part and by noon we had the first coat done and it only took three more hours to give it one or two more coats. We removed the bottom trim which will be painted separately and then reapplied, and there is only a bit of touch up work along the edges to finish.

The difficult part will be the ceiling, but we do have a superduper still-in-its-package ladder which has a scaffold feature, it says. I prefer the roller on an extension pole and leaving the detail work to long-armed Dave. He says the next time we'll have to paint the ceiling, we'll be dead. When you're retired like us, you think this is the last leg of things. It's comforting.

Lots of my lilies decided to bloom all together. Cool days and nights, plenty of water and they turned out to be huge.

The other day I was looking for something else and came upon this old entry, which made me laff and I thought you could use a chuckle too. See this.


  1. LOVE the white with all that LIGHT! Yes! Don't envy you the ceiling though. Love the old post, it was good for a giggle!! I didn't know you were inspired by Amish quilts (haha!)

  2. "next time we'll have to paint the ceiling, we'll be dead" Oh my GOD! So funny! You'd better do a good job then, because you both will be around for a LONG time to come - so there!

    And, thanks for the stacks memories! Made me laugh all over again!

  3. Oh my goodness!...that high ceiling, the glass doors, the lights...this is a beautiful studio already. Simply fabulous! Greetings from Tokyo!

  4. Thanks for the commentary on "art", love it. Sometimes I can't even look at the work because it's too important for me!

  5. This was my second Laugh-Out-Loud post this week....the first was the demi lune window!
    Your studio is going to be amazing and I'm loving the in-progress pics.
    I'm always happy when I see a new Fibermania post!!

  6. The room is looking mighty fine! Are the lilies red or a pinkish color? I hate photographing red lilies... so hard to capture the color... but these look a little pink. I love lilies.

    Love your little spoof, too. Got a chuckle.

  7. you brighten my day. love your parody on "art" and its "vision" - I enjoy art simply for the joy it brings to my heart

    Envious of your garden - its blooming gorgeous

    As always, mucho gracias

  8. WILD YEARNINGS OF THE HEART!!!! Thanks Mel, you made my morning. Thanks for, once again, pulling back the curtain and revealing the Wizard. Ove the Wizard!!

  9. Great to see the studio taking shape and the gardens too. Best of all, that was a GREAT laugh out loud moment about the Stacks.

    Love it!

  10. Liz in IN8:20 AM

    The studio is looking fabulous. DH would say "shoulda painted the ceiling first."

    Love the old entry. LOL Whenever we go to art exhibits and read the artist statements about each work, my prevailing thought is:

    " did they manage to create this work one-handed? You know, since they obviously have one thumb perpetually up their...uh, yeah."

    Artists' (indecipherable) 'visions'. Spare me.


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