Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So here’s what I’m thinkin’


It doesn’t take up all that much room to paint, like it does to make a quilt. I don’t know why quilting uses up so much space, but there’s the work table and the table holding all the fabric and the sewing machine table and some chairs and a bunch of boxes and all that other stuff. With paint, there is the table, easel and chair.


And look at all that space allocated to just painting…Way more than necessary, doncha think? That doesn’t mean I am sharing it or giving it up. Whaddya nuts? I’m just sayin’.

image image

At the other end of the room is this lonely little spot, across from the fireplace and the wall mounted TV, where a person could perhaps entertain a few fellow artists, with cocktails and tasty tidbits. Say on a couch like this: image

with a coffee table

image like this or thisimage

…all veddy ahrty.

So in my leedle mind I am counting up the people I know in the local environs who I could invite to this imaginary soiree. And they could bring other ahrty types, and we could have a salon. How wonderful!


  1. I vote for coffee table #1... the edges are softer for those of us uncouth enough to put our feet on the table.... don't judge me.... it's doctor's orders.... helps with the swelling!

  2. Hope you put your studio in a leedle corner of your new'll add to the ambience for your ahrty pals... and why waste all that beautiful new lighting?

  3. How lovely to have a sofa and table in a studio.
    Is white a good idea for a studio where dyes and paints are being handled?

  4. This is the only time since we left Kentucky that I wished I still lived there! Then I'd drive my hiney down to your little salon! It would be fabulous!
    I have a coffee table like the one on the right - that second shelf holds 4 huge baskets of magazines and knitting in progress, and the top stays (mostly) clean, so very useful!

  5. Lordy, but I do wish I lived in Tennessee! ;0)

  6. How about a round table? Everything is rectangular in the room....I'm just sayin'...LOL

  7. Judy from Northport6:43 PM

    Please define "local environs." Does 890.18 miles (according to GoogleMaps) qualify?

  8. pammyfay7:22 PM

    When you head back to the store to get your table, experiment with putting some stuff (with some weight--not just a magazine or two!) on the bottom shelf. I've read a bunch of bad reviews online of that table. Seems the support's not so great.

    But your idea IS great! Don't forget a minifridge and a margarita mixer down there for your arteest friends!


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